Wanda Nara, the confession on Icardi: why she forgave him

Wanda Nara has revealed unpublished details on the betrayal of Mauro Icardi, explaining why in the end she decided to forgive him

Wanda Nara gave an exclusive interview and decided to put the dots on the “i”, revealing some new details on the push and pull with Mauro Icardi. They renamed it “Wandagate”, so great was the uproar it caused by that fateful story published by the sports attorney on Instagram to scream at the world that she was betrayed. And the last few weeks have been a flurry of social media posts, rumors and twists worthy of a soap opera. Wanda broke the silence and explained not only how she really found out about her husband’s betrayal, but also why she decided to forgive him.

Wanda Nara, as she discovered her husband’s betrayal

It is peace made (at a “dear” price) between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi. And right now that the couple seems to have found serenity (at least for the moment), the manager wanted to reveal details hitherto unspoken on the events that have seen her protagonist of a rather excited push and pull with her husband. To do so, she was joined in Paris by the Argentine journalist Susana Gimenez, who recorded a special for Telefe Noticias, of which only a short preview has been aired at the moment.

Short yes, but already quite juicy. Because in a few simple sentences Wanda explained first of all how she discovered her husband’s betrayal with China Suarez (even if in fact he never mentioned her directly). “We were in a field, the girls were riding horses and I was talking to the girl who organizes our parties in Paris – said Nara, as reported by Corriere dello Sport -. She asked me for a photo of the little girl for her birthday invitation. I remembered that there was something on Mauro’s cell phone and then I started looking. That’s where I found screenshots of a chat with a famous woman you know ”.

Not a recent “oversight”, that of Mauro Icardi that triggered the manager’s immediate reaction. “When I saw the message, I took my children and I got on the first plane to Italy”, so he continues his story and in fact this is a part of the story that we know well. Wanda Nara did not spare herself on Instagram, shouting to the world what her husband had done to her and blurting out every little move she made. But it was precisely on his impulsiveness that he backed off, taking the blame for having started a hurricane that then completely escaped his control.

Because he decided to forgive Mauro Icardi

Wanda Nara’s confession went around the world in a few hours. After all, even those who are not really an avid fan of the couple have become passionate about the Wandagate which, willy-nilly, has appeared everywhere in recent weeks, from social networks to gossip magazines. But what is striking now is the story of the Argentine showgirl and manager about a detail that has left many of us perplexed: why she never forgave Icardi’s betrayal.

“I talked to some friends and they told me I was making a mess – revealed Wanda Nara to Susana Gimenez -. At that point I asked Mauro: ‘Would you forgive me if I found such messages on my phone?’ And he said, ‘No, I’d get a divorce.’ There were things in the message that a woman with the values ​​that I have would never write and would not expect them to tell me on the other side. I am an old-fashioned woman: for me a small message is divorce “. So far everything clear and understandable, the normal reaction of a wounded woman.

Yet things turned out differently. Probably Mauro Icardi’s apologies, his repeated attempts at rapprochement have had the desired effect. “He followed me to look for me, to talk – continued Nara -. He told me that if we separated he would retire from football. It was he who told me that there was a meeting in Paris (with China, ed), but that nothing happened. He swore it was the biggest mistake of his life “. She believed in the sincerity of his words and decided to forgive the mistake he regretted, giving their love a chance. A feeling that in reality has never completely died out.

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