Wanna Marchi and Stefania Nobile on the Island of the Famous: controversy breaks out

Wanna Marchi and Stefania Nobile on the Island of the Famous: controversy breaks out

Wanna Marchi and Stefania Nobile, the former TV barkers convicted of fraud, upcoming shipwrecks on the Island of the Famous 2017. People and VIPs express their social dissent

At the end of January the 2017 Island of the Famous starts again, at the helm confirmed Alessia Marcuzzi. A new edition that has already raised a thousand controversies, for the choice of shipwrecked, envoy and commentators.

"The edition of rehabilitation and redemption" wrote Alberto Dandolo on Dagospia, referring to the choice as commentator of Stefano Bettarini, just out of the fuss of the GF Vip, where he thought it well to spiattellate live the names of his former famous lovers seasoned by spicy details. Continuing with the shipwrecked: from the former blasphemer Massimo Ceccherini, already shipwrecked in a distant Rai edition hunted precisely for having cursed live, to the tronista bastard Lucas Peracchi, eliminated from the game because in agreement with the suitor, up to the ex pornstar Cicciolina . To conclude with Wanna Marchi and her daughter Stefania Nobile, the two TV barkers convicted of fraudulent bankruptcy, aggravated scam and criminal association aimed at the scam in 2009.

Just the news of the engagement of the brands and daughter, obviously handsomely paid, caused the web to rise, which expressed all its social dissent. In the middle, some white flies that instead defended the Mediaset choice by virtue of the famous and sacred "second chance" that should be given to anyone.

Interviewed by Chi, Wanna Marchi and her daughter had motivated the choice to go to the island saying "Now we are clean, we must recover our dignity. We will prove that we are not monsters. " And between the lines: "We need to work."

In particular Stefania Nobile specifies:

I dream of restoring dignity to my mother. I don't want people to remember her as the queen of telesales or the queen of scams. It hurts too much. This is why we get involved and participate in the island. Some will criticize our choice but we made a mistake and paid for everything there was to pay. Today we are two honest and clean towns that need to work. What do you want from the Brands? We went nine years and go to jail. Do you want to give us the death penalty?

But there are those who just don't fit, even among the famous and the former participants in the reality shows. As the historical gieffina Cristina Plevani who on Instagram writes:

What squalor! And don't tell me that a second chance is given to everyone because taking part in a reality show is not a second chance but a privilege, in this case slammed in the face of all those who have cheated. A job is a second chance, not the island of the famous. A real insult. If this is a move for listening, then television is really bad: taken from the bottom of the barrel.

Like her, vox populi expresses her dissent on social media, with posts ranging from ironic to angry: "A shame and a disgust to pay two scammers", "The drift of TV, bad educational example" "Now Alessia Marcuzzi will learn how you make television from the two absolute "queens"

Alberto Dandolo has a completely different opinion. The Dagospia journalist writes on social media:

I am reading very indignant comments on the net and on social media relating to the engagement of Vanna Marchi and her daughter Stefania Nobile at the next edition of the Isola dei Famosi. I understand the bewilderment of those who think that in this way they send a wrong message. But I don't agree. For several reasons. Meanwhile, the authors of the program, enlisting the two ladies, have done their job very well: they are creating a debate (and all the debates are constructive!), As well as a media case instrumental to the success of the listening. Point two: the message that I perceive is another. It is a message of great civilization: in a DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY people who commit a crime MUST pay their bill with justice, but once paid they are free people and have the RIGHT to have other possibilities. And if, as in this case, the possibility is given by the executioner himself (it was Striscia, a Mediaset program, to frame them) we are at a level of civilization squared! The reality show is precisely Mediaset, a private company that is on the free market. Brand ladies don't pay them with our money! As it happens for many questionable Rai "professionals" or "guests"! Last year Matteo Cambi was on the island. He too, who is a boy who personally is very nice to me, was back from a troubled court case. It does not seem to me that his participation had sparked so much indignation (rightly!) … indeed! I would like to remind you that many TV programs in the recent past have handsomely paid the various Sollecito, Misseri, Corona, Parolisi, Stasi and so on … people who either had already had definitive sentences still to be served or were awaiting sentence. What are we talking about? (PS. Where were the outraged colleagues when the REAL POWERS, that is the CHARM of Maria De Filippi and VERISSIMO of the "Pier Silvia" Toffanin paid (legitimately, not being their public money) the detainee Furbizio Corona 40 thousand euros a hit for having him in their programs? Ah, to know …)

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