Warm-up: what is the warm-up and exercises for?

Warm-up: what is the warm-up and exercises for?

Let's see together what the warm up is for and which exercises warm up the whole body and prepare it for physical exertion in the right way


  • Usefulness of the warm up
  • Warm-up exercises
    • Hop on the spot
    • Circumstances of the shoulders
    • Jumping jack
    • Squat
    • Calf warming
    • Standing push-ups

Usefulness of the warm up

Warming up is a very important step in preparing the body for physical work. If neglected, it not only increases the risk of injury, but also lowers the performance level. In other words, the whole body loses; not only that, even the mind. Preparing and warming up well means oxygenating the muscles, strengthening the tissue, stretching and testing elasticity. In many cases, unfortunately, the heating is skipped and considered as a "waste of time"; maybe you want to sweat right away and feel that you are working hard, but you actually risk a lot and miss the opportunity to do a complete and productive workout. In general, it only takes 10-15 minutes of work to complete a high-quality warm-up.

It is performed as a low-intensity form of work, which could be a slow form of running in place or a series of targeted exercises. This type of work leads to an increase of 1-2 degrees in body temperature and makes the body ready for movement. It avoids contractures, fatigue, strains of ligaments and tendons, muscle tears. The joints also soften, as if they "lubricate" themselves. Even at the level of the nervous system, heating makes the passage of nerve impulses more efficient: the result is faster movements and a greater level of reactivity.

The intensity and duration change depending on the physical condition of the subject and also depending on the climatic conditions (in winter it is better to devote more care and attention to heating). The range of motion – also called range of motion (ROM) – increases and with this parameter we mean how free and large a movement is, what amplitude and how many degrees a body segment completes from the starting position to the final position, all the time of the complete movement. Finally, a good warm-up makes us lose weight significantly, acting on our metabolic system and enhancing all the work of the cardiovascular system. Warming up allows for hormonal reorganization and opens the door to a possible increase. Greater blood flow, greater well-being.

Warm-up exercises

It is advisable to perform a targeted warm-up that specifically stresses the parts of the body with which you go to work most during sports performance.In other words, you need to think about what you are about to do, what gestures will often be repeated during the session , how much legs will be used and how much the lower limbs will be used instead. This perspective allows you to create a functional heating, that is, adapted to the function of what will be done. Let's see together some free body exercises that are very useful for mobility and joint stabilization of both the lower and upper limbs and the entire spine.

Hop on the spot

Excellent to "start the machine" of our body and push it to obtain the best performance. The hops in place make the heart work well, do not have a great impact and carry oxygen-rich blood to the skeletal muscles.

Circumstances of the shoulders

Even if you perform them only for 30 seconds per sense, the circles allow you to protect the shoulders, warm them, prepare them adequately. Circumstances prepare for a more coordinated activity and initiate action.

Jumping jack

Rhythmically move arms and legs out and towards the center line. Use the bounce of the foot to perform an agile, precise movement. The abdominals must be contracted to avoid hurting the back.


It starts from the standing position with the legs spread like the shoulders. The toes are turned slightly out. The hips are flexed as if sitting on a chair, the weight of the body goes on the heels. When descending the arms forward to maintain balance during the descent phase. This exercise warms up your legs and buttocks well.

Calf warming

On the edge of a step, the tips of the feet rest with the heels in the void, active abdomen and back straight. Breathe in as you stand up on your toes. Excellent exercise also to "wake up" the lymphatic pumps. At least 5 series of 15 repetitions each should be performed.

Standing push-ups

Excellent for warming up your arms / chest and shoulders. On your toes, in front of a wall or a tree, you place your hands, arms outstretched, hands at the width of the pelvis. The body should be kept straight as a board and well aligned.

In addition to these exercises, we suggest exercise bikes or bicycles, swimming slowly or walking at a fast pace or running at a very slow pace. The treadmill and rowing machine are also excellent machines for warming up the body, if used not lightly or too intensely but with the right balance. Taking the stairs at a brisk pace is also an excellent exercise to warm up the whole body, especially if performed with long, deep breathing.

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