Washable diapers: everything you need to know

Washable diapers: everything you need to know

Everything you need to know about washable diapers. We discover the costs, types and advantages of this solution chosen by more and more mothers

Washable diapers are increasingly used by many mothers, not only for ecological reasons, but also because they are practical and economical. It was the seventies when the first disposable diapers arrived on the market. At the time they were welcomed by mothers from all over the world with great enthusiasm, because they allowed to save time and effort for many housewives and workers struggling with their children. Today instead we are witnessing the opposite phenomenon and many women abandon disposable diapers to focus on washable ones.

But why choose this solution? The reasons are many. First of all, in this way the environment is respected, since disposable diapers pollute because of the long decomposition times. The washable version also offers benefits for children who wear them. In fact, delicate skin does not come into contact with the chemicals that are used to create disposable diapers, and the need to change them often prevents the formation of dermatitis.

This solution is also excellent for mothers who want to bring their children closer to the potty. The fabric in fact allows the child to be more easily aware of being wet, helping him to abandon the diaper very soon.

After discovering what the advantages are, the spontaneous question is: which one to choose? There are in fact different types of washable diapers. The best known one is formed by a sort of panty, waterproof outside and absorbent inside, which can also be purchased in one size. Another version foresees the presence of an absorbent inside the pant, to be removed during the change. Among the most comfortable models, especially for the night, there is the Pocket, consisting of a panty with an internal pocket in which different absorbent layers can be inserted. Finally the Fitted is formed by an absorbent diaper that is covered by an external pant.

The price of washable diapers varies depending on the model chosen. On average, in two and a half years, a family spends between 150 and 800 euros to buy them, while for disposable diapers the estimated cost is around 1200/1800 euros.

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