Washing machine, how to get rid of lint on the laundry

Washing machine, how to get rid of lint on the laundry

Fluff is annoying and ruins clothes. Here are some remedies to have perfect laundry with little effort

You know how to do laundry: not only does it take time to organize washing machines so that you don’t run out of laundry and clean clothes, but you also need to do it well and optimally. Only in this way, in fact, is it possible to reduce the risk of having a t-shirt of two smaller sizes or white trousers magically turned green. Very often when we take our clothes out of the washing machine after washing, we notice annoying lint that settles on sweaters, shirts and dresses. Here’s why they form and how to eliminate them with some quick and easy tricks to use before each wash.

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Fluff, what it is and why it forms on clothes

To have perfect laundry there are some tricks that are important to keep in mind. For example, the “fluff” is made up of several small fibers that are deposited on the garments after a wash in which we have mixed different fabrics and in which each fabric rubs close to another. Precisely because of the “fluff” the garments not only look old and neglected, but they get damaged and force us to brush the laundry trying to remove them one by one. A waste of time and energy and very often ineffective. A first precaution to keep in mind to eliminate this annoying problem is to turn the garments inside out before washing: in this way you also get a deeper cleaning, since it is the inner part that is most exposed to germs and bacteria.

However, there are other quick and easy tricks that you can use before each wash to get rid of the lint. However, it is essential to follow them only after making sure of the correct washing methods indicated on the labels.

Wet wipes in the basket

Wet wipes are a good way to avoid lint. These, in fact, have an excellent absorbing power capable of retaining the fibers of the fabrics and the hair that sticks to the garments when we put them in the washing machine. Just put the clothes in the washing machine and add a towel or two in the basket with the laundry. It will then be necessary to operate a delicate cycle without spinning so as not to allow the lint to take root. When you take the laundry out of the washing machine, you will notice that the lint and hair will have stuck to the washcloths, saving you the trouble of removing them one by one by hand. If you want to use this trick to remove lint from your laundry, remember to choose the strongest washcloths to prevent them from breaking and making things worse. You can do the test by trying to break them with your hands: if they break they are certainly not the ones suitable for your purpose.

The rough sponge: a sure remedy for fluff

Another effective remedy to prevent the formation of annoying lint is to use a rough sponge. Not only is it useful for eliminating lint, but also for preventing pet hair and hair from taking root on clothes. Just use a common sponge, the same one used to clean dishes in the kitchen and insert it in the washing machine, always activating the delicate cycle. The sponge will serve to attract all the hairs, lint and hair that formed during the wash: seeing is believing! It is also extremely effective in the case of animal hair. If you have pets it is also good to remember to disinfect the blankets and fabrics that come into contact with our four-legged friends.

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