Water and baking soda, a remedy for removing pesticides from fruit

Water and baking soda, a remedy for removing pesticides from fruit

Washing the fruit with water and baking soda is an effective remedy for eliminating pesticides, confirmation also comes from a US study.

Fruit? Do not exceed in the consumption of that too caloric

Water and baking soda for washing fruit is a natural remedy for eliminating pesticides, researchers from the University of Massachusetts also believe.

The effectiveness of the classic grandmother's remedy and two other solutions to eliminate pesticides from fruit was tested by a group of American researchers who then published the results in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. The experiment was conducted on apples contaminated with commonly used pesticides. One third of the apples were simply washed with water, another third with water and baking soda and the remaining third with water and bleach.

The most effective method based on the quantity of toxic substances left on the fruit was the solution of water and sodium bicarbonate. The dose used in the experiment was one tablespoon of baking soda every two cups of water, the apples remained immersed in the solution for about a quarter of an hour, at the end of which the pesticides were significantly reduced. Unfortunately, even this washing system does not guarantee the total elimination of toxic substances.

Use baking soda at home
It is not surprising the effectiveness of bicarbonate to disinfect fruit since this product boasts various properties including bactericidal and sanitizing properties: Being slightly alkaline, it creates an unfavorable environment for bacteria, which love to live in neutral or acidic environments. At home as well as for cleaning fruit, it can therefore be used to replace most of the detergents, just dilute it in water and it becomes a practical multipurpose detergent, capable of having the best even in the event of stubborn dirt. Useful for cleaning silverware or children's games, it can also be used on fabrics: if you have rugs and want to brighten up the colors, sprinkle it on the rugs, let it act for a few hours, then finally vacuum the vacuum cleaner and you will see how the colors have recovered brilliance. It is also a natural product that does not harm the environment.

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