Waterproof mascara: does it make lashes fall out? How to use?

Waterproof mascara: does it make lashes fall out? How to use?

Waterproof mascara is an ally in summer, for those who sweat a lot and for sportsmen, but is it true that it ruins the lashes?

It gives definition and openness to the eye, opens the eye and the lifting effect is guaranteed: mascara is one of the most used cosmetics, because it is fast and with evident results. In particular, for those who do not have very thick or dark eyelashes, it is a "life-saving" product, just a couple of passes are enough to immediately see yourself better, with a fresher and more rested look, even without completely wearing make-up.

In summer, however, it happens that it melts or accumulates on the eyelid, due to the heat, high temperatures and sweating. And those who don't give up makeup even on the beach know it well, the classic mascara can't resist swimming in the sea, going to dirty the whole eye. Or again, those who practice sports have this problem throughout the year, sweating, which is accentuated in the summer.

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This is where waterproof, water-resistant mascara comes into play. It looks like a normal mascara, a tube with the product inside and a brush to comb, separate and color the lashes. However, not everyone chooses to use it, because it is said to ruin the lashes in the long run. Could it be true?

Be careful to choose the right waterproof mascara

First you need to buy the right waterproof mascara, suitable for our type and size of eye and with a functional brush. Choose based on your usage habits, looking for something similar to your favorite mascara. Another trick to choosing the right waterproof mascara is to rely on the brands you usually choose. In fact, if the classic version is already to your liking, the waterproof version will certainly have something in common, such as the effect or the brush. Again, choose it based on what you are looking for in a mascara. In fact, even in the case of water-resistant products, you can opt for a lengthening, curving, volumizing effect or one that encompasses all the specifications.

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How is waterproof mascara applied?

To tell the truth, there are no major differences in the application of a classic mascara and a waterproof one. It is important to unload the excess product from the brush and proceed by passing it from the accent to the tips of the lashes. There are those who prefer a zigzag application, from the base going up, others comb them from the bottom up. Usually, if the formula is more full-bodied it is easier to apply it in a zigzag fashion, if it is more liquid by combing the lashes.

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Does waterproof mascara ruin lashes?

Yes and no. It is true that a mascara designed to last for a long time on the lashes and not to melt in the least with water, is slightly more aggressive. But what actually damages the lashes is not the product itself, but incorrect use. Lashes weaken not so much because of the mascara, but because of the way it is removed. In fact, many rub their eyes with the cleanser they usually use or with normal make-up remover, products that are not effective for adequately removing waterproof makeup.

As for make-up removers, they must be oily, the so-called biphasic, or make-up remover butters. The greasy component inside, in fact, is able to dissolve the mascara from the lashes, so as to have to rub as little as possible. In the case of a two-phase make-up remover, shake it and apply the right amount to the disk, press it gently on the eye and let it act for 30-45 seconds. Then, from top to bottom, drag it to remove any residue.

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Make-up remover butters are even more delicate: take a small amount of product, apply it directly with your fingers on the eye and gently massage, including the eyelashes, to soften all the mascara. At this point, as in the case of the biphasic, we then proceed with a second cleansing, with a foaming gel or cleanser, which will eliminate the oily and greasy part and at the same time any residual makeup, leaving the face perfectly clean and ready to receive subsequent treatments.

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