We donate blood, a lifesaving therapy for many people

We donate blood, a lifesaving therapy for many people

It is important that blood donation does not stop: because it is a life-saving therapy for so many people

In addition to what happens for Covid-19, the spread of the Omicron variant presents a series of “side effects” on health that should not be underestimated. In addition to the difficulty of performing various scheduled treatments, the risk of missing appointments for screening and the lengthening of waiting lists for diagnostics and therapies, the spread of the virus can also impact the availability of blood and its derivatives, real and proper caring tools for many people. The shortcomings are being observed throughout Italy and to deal with this situation a simple and supportive gesture is enough: donating blood. There are people of all ages who need it and are waiting for this simple offer of help.

The situation is worrying

The situation is being constantly monitored by the National Blood Center, the SRCs and Civis, the coordination of the main blood donor associations in Italy (AVIS, Red Cross, FIDAS and FRATRES) and the appeal is, for anyone are in good health, contact your nearest collection center to book a donation. It is not unusual for blood shortages to occur in the early months of the year, coinciding with the peak of the flu. But in these first weeks the situation is aggravated even more by the new pandemic wave that forces donors and in some cases even the collection staff to undergo quarantine periods, either for contracting the virus or for having had contact with positive people. .

“The new pandemic wave is experiencing its peak in these days and we must be on guard – comments the director of the National Blood Center, Vincenzo De Angelis. However, we would like to remind you that, since the first lockdown, a series of procedures are active which aim to guarantee the safety of all the actors involved, first of all blood donors, but also the medical and nursing staff who work in the transfusion services and in the units. of associative collection. Donating blood is safe and these days it is more useful than ever “.

Blood and derivatives, a help for many

Who has to undergo a complex surgery, who needs to recover the precious liquid after a trauma. And we must not forget the many people who get their own treatment with the transfusion of blood or its components, to be repeated regularly. Think of Beta-Thalassemia, a genetic, hereditary disease that can be diagnosed from the very first years of life. People with this condition have both parents who are healthy carriers of the genetic defect. The impact on the quality of life of Beta-Thalassemia patients is very heavy, above all due to the transfusion on which patients depend for their survival and which will remain an unsurpassable treatment for many years to come.

Other blood disorders that may require regular transfusions as a cure are myelodysplastic syndromes, diseases characterized by the uncontrolled proliferation of hematopoietic stem cells, which are no longer able to mature properly and consequently ensure a normal production of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. The transfusion is useful because it offers the patient what his marrow cannot produce even if, when the anemia is severe, the general health conditions of the person are severely affected.

Consequently, transfusion-dependent anemia is a very critical condition for patients, often elderly and with associated diseases. And they are just examples. We need to get busy and understand that by donating blood we also testify to our choice to live a healthy life. “Being a donor means being the spokesperson for a healthy and correct lifestyle – comments Gianpietro Briola, pro-tempore coordinator of CIVIS, Interassociation Coordination of Italian Blood Volunteers and President of National AVIS. Therefore it is more important than ever to protect yourself and respect the simple rules of hygiene and spacing that we have all come to know. The need for blood components never ceases and for this reason we invite our donors to carry out their gesture with care and anyone who has not yet done so to become a blood or plasma donor. Acting, as we are already organized, through the planning and booking of the donation means guaranteeing the continuity of health activities and allowing limited access to the collection units for the safety of all “.

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