We imitate Cristina Musacchio’s super look without flying to Los Angeles

We imitate Cristina Musacchio's super look without flying to Los Angeles

Begun in 1999 and continued since 2001, the Coachella Music and Art Festival has seen a stratospheric success especially in recent years. Influencers (but not only them) from all over the world stop by showing off extravagant and daring outfits. Let’s copy Cristina Musacchio’s idea.

Orange, geometric greeks, accessories at the right point and a hint of make-up, just enough. The influencer with a million followers on Instagram has, as usual for this event, told her personal Coachella 2022 with photos and screaming looks.

Cristina Musacchio at Coachella 22-4-22.

Source: Canva.

Symbolizing the connection between body and soul, it increases our will and transmits energy, orange is a bright color that is well suited to the context of Coachella. Let’s see how to copy Cristina Musacchio’s outfit.

Getting carried away by the current of the seventies is possible! Let’s imitate Cristina

It closes with a bow on the back, is long to the ankles and is sleeveless, impalpable, a classic for the sea but not only.

Cristina Musacchio Coachella look 22-4-22.

Source: Instagram.

The dress of Asos Design (29.35 euros on the official website of the brand) wraps the chest and then falls softly from the waist down.

The Cinema summer dress by Mango (69.99 euros) is perfect for the evening. Between casual and elegant, it stands out for its orange checked pattern that is endlessly repeated on a delicate pastel base. Yes to flat sandals and slippers like the ones we talked about on Monday and also to a comfortable jeweled shoe.

The multicolored mini dress (however in the warm shades of orange, cream and carmine red) by Missoni it is irresistible. Among their proposals there are several models that could do for us but this fresh, jaunty one is perfect even with high heels and the match with the denim jacket is almost a must. price is 550 euros.

Missoni orange dress 22-4-22.

Source: Pinterest.

However, you can also choose the narrow and straight trousers of Bershka (35.99 euros) and combine them with a patterned crop top.

Neon and Nylon offers a short t-shirt with a pointed collar and Greek motifs in shades of the sun reminiscent of the shapes of Emilio Pucci. For a more sober mood, simple blue jeans will do just fine. It costs 19.99 euros.

Soleil has focused on a look that allows for limited movement and a great television effect

As always, you have to express your personality following the guidelines of the fashion world.

Silvia Zanchi

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