We listen to our elbows: remedies and cures for dry and cracked elbows

Dry elbows are an indicator of general dehydration: here are some simple and natural remedies to get back to having a smooth and thin skin

It is often said that cracked elbows are a sign of stress, and this popular belief has its roots in the fact that some of the most common causes of cracked elbows are excessive caffeine consumption and poor nutrition, especially if vitamin-deficient A. Remedies and treatments for dry and cracked elbows are therefore useless if you do not begin to find a balance, stop drinking too much coffee and have a balanced diet.

The elbows are a kind of litmus paper, that is they tell us the general state of hydration of the body: if our skin is not very hydrated, the elbows are the worst point, and often thicken, they become dark and rough.
As banal as it may seem, one of the main tricks is simply to pay attention to what you wear: sometimes, especially in winter, we don't realize that our clothes are too rough, or because they are made of poor quality materials or because our skin is particularly sensitive to rubbing.
It also helps avoid soaps or detergents that contain alcohol or that are generally aggressive.
Once these basic precautions are taken, if the elbows continue to be dry and cracked you can try other ways.

The old method of Vaseline and sock
An old grandmother's remedy consists of spreading a good dose of Vaseline on the elbow, and then wearing a sock with the cut tip, even for a few hours to allow the vaseline to act. The purpose of the sock is fundamentally not to dirty clothing, bed sheets or any object with which it comes into contact while it is sprinkled with Vaseline. For this purpose, it can also be good to wrap your elbows with cellophane.
In the absence of Vaseline, honey, oil – better if extra virgin olive oil – or even butter will be fine.
The calendula cream is also excellent.

Exfoliate the skin before moisturizing it
Even exfoliating your skin before applying Vaseline is good advice, and there are many DIY ideas to do so.
For example, an excellent exfoliant is sodium bicarbonate, which mixed with fresh squeezed lemon juice combines the exfoliating effect with a lightening effect, which is important when the skin is so thickened that it is also dark.
But be careful when scrubbing, don't overdo it.

If you have a lot of time available, another do-it-yourself remedy is a bath in fresh water and oats: just blend the oats until it becomes almost a flour, and dissolve it in water.

In short, there are many remedies and treatments for dry and cracked elbows, but the best ones are always the advice of the grandmother!

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