We reveal the crazy secret of Korean women to fresh and even skin

Having a very smooth skin (also) with make-up is possible and how. Here is Korean women’s secret to fresh, even skin.

Who has never envied Korean women for their perfect skin raise your hand. And surely all of his hands will have remained down.

very smooth skin

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Oriental women are the queens of skin care and have reigned supreme in the world of beauty since time immemorial.

Have you ever heard of the so-called k – beauty? It literally stands for korean beauty routine, so in short, this term identifies everything that has to do with Made in Korea skincare.

In fact, it is enough to look at Asian women in the face – in the true sense of the word – to understand that we Westerners can only learn from them. They have a very smooth skin, free of impurities, toned.

Their secret? At 50% it is a matter of genetics, at 50% of skin care. In the first case we can obviously do very little: the their dermis is structured, resistant, elastic.

Their “important” bones are very suitable to support their skin, whose receptivity is impressive.

They also have a much thinner stratum corneum than ours and a very strong sebaceous secretion.

It must be said, however, that Korean women they also have a very precise skin care, made of layers, steps, steps.

For them, in fact, treating the face is like an art: they have a real daily ritual that they follow slavishly.

Indeed, precisely in Asia the so-called Layering was born, or the skin care technique which consists in applying many products in different steps (up to 10). From Korea then this has reached practically all over the world, including Italy.

There is however a secret that we can borrow from Korean women for being able to have a very smooth skin also through the help of make-up. Here’s what it is.

The secret to having super smooth skin

Skin care is essential: without a right beauty routine also make-up will look different.

very smooth skin

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For your make-up to be perfect (at least it looks so), in fact, you will have to make sure that your skin is already smooth, smooth, tight enough. To do this – at any age – you have to start with the application of the right products.

Obviously each skin type must be treated specifically: we cannot treat dry skin in the same way as oily skin or even combination skin.

Similarly, at 30 we will have to follow certain steps, at 40 others, at 50 others. The passing of time, in fact, can be seen above all from the skin: the only way to counter it is to use anti-aging products suitable for us.

If you want to know which skin care is suitable for each age, here is our guide.

Once this is done, you can move on to applying the make up. You can choose whether to apply the primer first as a base, and then move on to the foundation.

At this point there is a secret that comes straight from korean women: you can apply it using a spatula.

In this way, in fact, your foundation will be perfectly uniform, it will be able to hide every imperfection 100%, it will be flawless.

How to do? Take a spatula, pass some product over it – which obviously must be as similar as possible to your skin color – and pass it on your face. (continue reading after the video)

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Then take the usual sponge that you normally use to spread it and lightly dab all over your face.

You do pay attention only to the areas where you have a lot of acne: in this case you can also use only the sponge and just to be sure that the product will be spread well and that you will not have any problems.

The end result, however, will be an extremely natural make-up, so if you are a fan of looks that are not overly whimsical, this will certainly be for you.