We teach our children to help others

We teach our children to help others

Give, donate, share: teach tomorrow's men these values

The greatest lesson we can give to our children is that of kindness, empathy and gift. Let's never forget that as mothers we have a very important role, that of educating and growing extraordinary men who will change the world one day.

This is why it is our job to give children all the tools to develop the best virtues that a man should have, those of kindness, sharing and empathy. It is important to teach our children the value and meaning of helping others, without expecting anything in return.

Let's explain that true satisfaction is that which comes from the awareness of having done something beautiful for another person without a double purpose. We teach them the value of reciprocity and the meaning of giving, without asking for anything back.

And then again kindness, towards one's neighbor, nature and the whole world. Tell your children a story, that of good and special people who know how to understand and accept situations other than those that characterize their daily lives.

We must always remember that our task is to promote love, kindness and acceptance, for our children and for generations of the future. But let's not stop at this, let's tell our children about the importance of the gift, a gesture as important as it is forgotten that should be part of their daily lives. We explain to them that the gift does not represent something purely material: it is an embrace, it is time spent together.

And finally, through the most beautiful fairy tale, we explain to them how bad envy can be, bad envy. On the contrary, instead, we invite them to be happy, always, with the successes of others, and to esteem those who manage to achieve dreams and goals, and still to take those people as an example to follow rather than to judge.

We tell them how it can be nice to share life, between successes and failures, with others, learn to give and receive, to be there for people when they need support and not to be ashamed to ask for help, ever.

We teach our children today to become the extraordinary men of tomorrow.

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