We tell you all about Francesca Lollobrigida, the champion granddaughter of the legendary Gina

She is a real talent on skates, but her surname has made her famous even for those who do not love sports: this is who Francesca Lollobrigida is

Skater by passion – whether it is wheels or blades, she doesn’t care – and multiple champion in various disciplines, Francesca Lollobrigida also boasts a very important surname, which binds her (by right of blood) to the famous actress Gina. What do we know about this young sporting talent?

Who is Francesca Lollobrigida

Born in 1991, Francesca Lollobrigida was born in Frascati and wore her first pair of roller skates at the very tender age of just 14 months (when usually babies are just starting to take their first steps). With these premises, she could only give great emotions to the whole of Italy, and so it was. Merit – also – of father Maurizio, a great athlete in speed skating and record holder in the 50 km on rollers, just to please. It is therefore clear that talent is a family business, which Francesca has honed up to the maximum of her possibilities and even beyond her.

For several years he has won practically everything that could be won in the field of speed roller skating, taking home as many as 9 world titles. But in 2006, with the arrival of the Turin Winter Olympics, Lollobrigida made the big leap and switched to ice. And this is how you, finish after finish, between falls and failures, you have sharpened the blades to become a real talent in this discipline as well. Representing Italy in three editions of the Winter Olympic Games, it is in Beijing 2022 that she finally reached her splendor: she silver medal in the 3000 meters and bronze medal in the mass start are victories that she will never forget. And we with her.

Francesca Lollobrigida, private life

If these are, in a very short time, her successes on the track, what do we know about Francesca’s private life? Let’s start from her surname, bulky and very famous of her: it derives from a distant relationship with Gina Lollobrigida: her grandfather on the paternal side is in fact the brother of the actress, of which therefore the champion is her great-granddaughter. But between them there is no real bond (if not, precisely, of blood). Francesca herself admitted that she has practically never met her, since her whole life is a whirlwind of training and commitments of any kind.

In fact, every day of his is carefully marked to ensure that, as an athlete, he is always in top form. She was born and raised on the outskirts of Rome, once she chose the blades she started going back and forth from the capital to Baselga di Pinè, a small village near Trento that boasts a famous ice skating rink. This is where Francesca trained for a long time, and then aspired to something more. She turned professional, she began to divide herself between Italy and Holland (more precisely Heerenveen), the cradle of speed skating.

But Lollobrigida’s life isn’t all about skates. She is passionate about sports in general, she is a bike lover and she studied biotechnology, giving up her university career to devote herself to the thrill of speed. Only a few months ago, moreover, she married Matteo Angeletti (also a skater): the two live in Rome and, for the moment, their family includes two beautiful cats – protagonists of many of their social photos.

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