We want to say thank you to you who have brought the light in these dark days

We want to say thank you to you who have brought the light in these dark days

The first child with Covid antibodies was born. It is she who brings hope back to the world

We don't know your name or the color of your skin. We do not know your features, the shape of your eyes, nor your weight and height. We don't even know much about your mom and dad: who knows what great projects they will have in store for you, for the woman you will become. And who knows how many beautiful things you are destined to do someday.

We know very few things about you, but the mere awareness of your existence in this world, and in this historical moment, has brought the light into one of the darkest periods. You gave us back the hope we had lost in battle. You have allowed us to come back to believe that all is not lost and that we can still defeat this monster that you have taken away from us so much, too much.

You have put back into circulation that hope of which we all once became spokesmen, but which then began to waver, thanks to tiredness and the lack of the simplest and most meaningful gesture, to abandon ourselves in the embraces of the people we love.

Then, one day in March, in beautiful and sunny Florida you were born, the first child with anti Covid antibodies, already present in your little body. Paediatricians Paul Gilbert and Chad Rudnick of the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine told us about you, they told the whole world about your birth, giving us the news that none of us expected.

They told us some details, while respecting your privacy. But the news that emerged was enough to rekindle the spark of hope in all of us. They told us that your mom had received a single dose of Moderna's mRNA vaccine three weeks before giving birth, they explained through a detailed and scientific document that the antibodies of that dose were detected in the umbilical cord and that, therefore, they arrived. to you.

We were told that you were born "healthy and vigorous" and these words gave us the strength not to give up. Yours is the first global case of a girl with an immune system predisposed to fight the Coronavirus. You are a warrior!

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