We wear the seventies with rainbow sweaters like the influencers

Arcobaleno per le maglie estive 9-8-22

Symbol of freedom, joy and, more generally, of life, the colors of the rainbow are the real stars of spring – summer 2022 fashion. Let’s find out how to best wear them.

Cut-out details, thin straps, belly on display or long perforated sleeves, these are the peculiarities that make the rainbow sweater the real must-have of the moment.

Rainbow for summer jerseys 9-8-22

Source: Canva.

Let’s see together which brands to buy, how to wear them and who they are good for.

Let’s breathe the freedom of the seventies with rainbow sweaters

The beautiful top of Staud (455 euros on Farfetch) it has a porthole on the upper back, long sleeves – as well as very tight – and a delicate workmanship that is very reminiscent of grandmother’s doilies.

Summer rainbow jersey 9-8-22.

Source: Pinterest.

With a pair of basic jeans the look will soon be created with simplicity and, to stay in the “Seventies mood”, consider clogs or flat sandals with a wooden base. Windy hair and little make-up are a must.

But what we see almost everywhere (from Instagram to Pinterest through TikTok) is signed Jaded London and costs 65.99 euros. Currently it is not available on the Asos website but we hope it will be back as soon as possible.

When you think of this kind of garments, the style of Missoni which in 1973 was awarded in Dallas with the prestigious Neiman Marcus Fashion Award. The knitted top with lamé and round neck on an intense blue base and touches of sea blue, is like a simple and soft tank top to be worn with long and impalpable skirts. A high-heeled sandal will look good only if nude, white or, at most, the same blue used in the shirt. The price is 450 euros on the official website of the brand.

Multicolored tank top and cream pants 9-8-22.

Source: Pinterest.

For those who have an unbridled desire for shopping but have spent everything on vacation, there is the proposal of Emmiol, a crochet bell sleeve sweater with horizontal zigzag pattern. Of course, rainbow. It costs 37.95 euros.

When choosing to dress in a Seventies look one should also be aware of how important that decade was for our nation. Just think of the referendums on divorce (1974) and abortion (1978). The lives of Italians changed forever with the freedom that today we take for granted.

You could also combine the most loved fabric of the summer, linen, with the fantasy of the colors reserved for these tight-fitting sweaters, but better if the protagonist is only one. A spontaneous smile, like when we happen to come across a wonderful rainbow, of course, will be a plus.

Silvia Zanchi

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