“We will go back to kissing” but the Suitsupply commercial treads too much on the hand

“We will go back to kissing” but the Suitsupply commercial treads too much on the hand

The Suitsupply brand launches a campaign with models entwined and engaged in sensual kisses. "The new normal is coming". But someone turns up their noses

“The new normal is coming. Be ready to be close again "this is the slogan of the new advertising campaign of the men's fashion brand" Suitspupply "which, taking a little too literally the motto" we will return to kiss and hug "has published, also on its social accounts, a series of photos with models and models intertwined and struggling with passionate kisses. Among other things, respecting all sexuality, representing in the photo both straight and homosexual kisses.

But if the intention is good and admirable, the result has made many people turn up their mouths, due to the slightly too exposed and explicit sensuality, and the massing of bodies that just doesn't seem normal.

"Advertising a little aggressive" reads in the comments "So orgies would be the norm, in your opinion?". And again: “I don't understand this campaign. Would participating in an orgy be the new normal? Or maybe you still believe that provocation is a good marketing tool? If you really think men will wear your suits because of this campaign, then your strategy is wrong. I am a free spirit and I don't care if anyone is gay, lesbian or whatever… But unfortunately what I see doesn't make me want to buy your clothes. Buying a dress depends on the style, the quality of the fabric, the color and, of course, the designer. Here, I don't see any of this here .. ".

Certainly, if the saying “As long as we talk about it” is still valid, the brand has certainly brought home a (good) result.

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