Week of headache prevention: useful tips to fight it

Week of headache prevention: useful tips to fight it

From 8 to 14 May 2017 the "Week of prevention of headaches" arrives: here are all the useful tips to prevent migraine

From 8 to 14 May 2017, the "Headache Prevention Week" begins, an initiative promoted by Angelini and the Italian Society of Neurology (SIN) to reflect on a particularly widespread and often undervalued disorder.

The goal is to raise awareness and help them understand how to best cope with headaches and fight them the right way. According to the latest data, in fact, 25.3 million Italians suffer from headaches and face this problem simply by resorting to medicines, without knowing that it is precisely daily habits that cause this disorder.

Practical help can come first of all from physical activity. Those who practice a sport consistently in fact effectively prevent the onset of migraines. The movement in fact improves circulation and blood flow, oxygenating the brain. To this must be added a good quality of sleep, essential for regenerating the body and helping to better face busy days. To prevent headaches, sleep must be of quality: it is therefore necessary to go to bed and always get up at the same time, avoiding waking up with a start, resting at least 6 hours a night.

Few people know this, but hydration is also very important to prevent migraines. According to a recent British study, in fact, drinking little wine causes one in three migraines. For this it is useful to drink at least 1.5 of water a day, also consuming relaxing herbal teas that release tension and relax the muscles.

Needless to say, nutrition also affects the onset of headaches in particular. In fact, poor digestion can aggravate the frequency and intensity of migraines. Fried foods, processed foods, fats and alcohol, especially in the evening, should be avoided, while ginger is useful to reduce the effects of migraine, but also green leafy vegetables, whole grains and foods rich in magnesium, selenium, zinc, copper, such as eggs, fish and mushrooms.

In general it is always better to choose natural and seasonal foods, without skipping meals and keeping the blood sugar level under control. Finally, it is absolutely necessary to avoid smoking which, especially when added to alcohol, causes lasting and annoying migraines.

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