Weight loss is possible if we weigh food!

Weight loss is possible if we weigh food!

Losing weight by eating is no longer a problem if we reduce high GI foods!

Can we lose weight by eating? Yes, it is possible! The trick is to weigh the foods we introduce with the various meals. There is no need to eliminate food, the choice of dishes is the same as a normal diet, but it is important to control the quantity, to lose weight. By controlling the glycemic index of what we eat, we are able to introduce the right amount of sugar for our physical characteristics, age and lifestyle. Of course this should be a continuous and daily diet and not just for weight loss.

If we can effectively control the increase in blood sugar, through a healthy, continuous lifestyle and we do not introduce a quantity of food higher than our daily requirement, we will have the desired results and will keep ourselves in perfect physical shape. Let's not forget also that even moving at least thirty minutes a day, just for a walk, you burn excess sugar.

If there is an excessive presence of sugars in the blood, in fact, our body produces insulin. This substance has the property of transforming the quantity of glucose in excess into fats, which accumulate in our body, as well as being harmful to our health. If we introduce food with a low glycemic content, checking the quantity of that with high GI, in order to introduce glucose in the least, we will be able to lose weight.

Other foods have the ability to reduce the rate at which sugars are digested without excessive accumulation of glucose. It is important to reserve food with higher GI for breakfast, so that we have more time to dispose of the sugar produced. We avoid animal fats and preferably use extra virgin olive oil, in the amount of 2 teaspoons per day.

Vegetables can be taken without limit, but beware of the seasoning. This is not the case for fruit, which should not exceed three daily portions. Fish and white meat, yogurt, skim milk and low fat cheeses are preferred. Attention to the sweetener, we weigh carbohydrates and pay close attention to sweets.

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