Weight Watchers diet, lose weight and improve your lifestyle

Weight Watchers diet, lose weight and improve your lifestyle

Designed in the 1960s in New York, it focuses heavily on the motivation of group meetings and on the acquisition of food education

The Weight Watchers diet is a regime that allows you to lose weight, but also to embrace a healthier lifestyle overall.

Its origins date back to 1963 thanks to the initiative of the American entrepreneur Jean Nidetch, who gave birth to the eponymous brand today equipped with an official website with details on program prices. The diet in question is a low-calorie diet that provides a daily energy intake of around 1200 – 13000 calories. To be followed for a minimum period of 3 weeks, it provides a lot of precision both as regards the choice of foods to be consumed, and for what concerns their weight.

The program designed by Jean Nidetch, which gave life to the project starting from a slimming process shared with some friends animated by the same goal, is proposed as a scientific approach that can help you lose weight starting from the improvement of lifestyle and from the acquisition of a healthy food education.

Over the years, the results of this dietary scheme have been repeatedly studied by science. Noteworthy in this regard is a 2017 study, conducted by a scientific team active in the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior of the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. The research in question, which monitored the situation of 279 participants with BMI between 27 and 40, found positive effects on weight loss at a 3-month follow-up and following a program followed entirely online.

Successfully undertaken by actress Jessica Simpson, who lost thirty kilos thanks to this regime (among the weight loss stories we also find Kim Kardashian's), the Weight Watchers diet can also be followed by participating in periodic group meetings where, with the help of expert coaches, you receive advice on how to optimize the route.

What can those who follow this route eat? The Weight Watchers diet allows the consumption of fruit, the important thing is that no sugars are added. It is essential to take at least one fruit rich in vitamin C every day and place the fruit between breakfast foods.

Eggs are also allowed, provided you do not take them more than 4 times a week. As for dairy products, do not exceed 225 grams per week. This diet, which bans alcoholic beverages but gives space to tea and coffee without sugar, also recommends the consumption of lean white meats.

A hypothetical daily menu may include a breakfast of yogurt with oatmeal and fruit. For lunch, you can instead bring to the table a cheese toast and a fruit to taste. For dinner, it goes very well with curry chicken accompanied by low-fat yogurt and with a side dish of green beans or boiled vegetables. The day can be concluded with a snack of skimmed Greek yogurt with the addition of a teaspoon of honey. The diet in question should only be started after consulting your doctor.

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