Well Bred, all about purple bread that is good for your health

Well Bred, all about purple bread that is good for your health

We interviewed the researchers of the University of Pisa, to discover the secrets of Well Bred, a "super food" 100% Made in Italy

A purple bread capable of combining tradition and innovation, with very particular ingredients and a natural leavening: it is Well Bred, a "super food" fruit of an Italian research.

This bread, made by the group of Food Technologies of the University of Pisa, is rich in beneficial properties and suitable for people suffering from hypertension and gluten intolerance. The project bears the signature of Anna Valentina Luparelli and Isabella Taglieri, coordinated by Professor Angela Zinnai and supported by colleagues in Agricultural Biochemistry, Mike Frank Quartacci and Cristina Sgherri. We interviewed PhD student Isabella Taglieri to find out more about this super food.

How did the idea of ​​Well Bred come about?
The Well-Bred idea was born from the collaboration between the Food Technologies group, which has been engaged for years in the study of naturally leavened bread (in collaboration with the Consortium for the protection of Tuscan sourdough bread DOP, ed) and the Biochemistry group Agraria of the University of Pisa and Valentina and my passion for research and innovation. My doctorate has in fact as main theme the development of naturally leavened bakery products enriched with bioactive molecules. Valentina is about to graduate in Biosafety and Food Quality and Food Technologies are her passion.

How long have you worked on it?
Thanks to the skills deriving from the many years of experience of the groups of Food Technologies and Agricultural Biochemistry, after some preliminary tests, in 2017 the first naturally leavened bread enriched with the antioxidants of purple potatoes was made and, in recent months, the recipe has been further implemented with the addition of pectins obtained from citrus fruit waste. The most demanding phase was the development of the relationships between the ingredients and the optimization of the production conditions, in order to obtain a product that was, at the same time, healthy, but also good.

What are the properties of Well Bred and who is it good for?
Well Bred in fact combines the properties of naturally leavened bread (greater digestibility, reduced glycemic index, presence of probiotic compounds, rich organoleptic profile, prolonged shelf-life) with the antioxidant power of the purple potato rich in bioactive compounds. Finally, thanks to their chemical conformation, pectins improve the consistency and shelf life of the product.

Is the recipe secret or can you give us some details?
The recipe is still "top secret" and we are working to develop a line of baked goods that can meet the demands of consumers who are increasingly attentive to a healthy lifestyle, but who at the same time do not want to give up taste and tradition. We therefore hope that this project can soon pass from the state of research to the production phase.

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