What a passion!

Sideways to stop a lock, with glitter, designer or simple, wonderful cross. Hair clips are the queens of the crown.

They are them, mischievous and innocent, casual and elegant … what are we talking about? Of course, clothes pegs! They will go crazy on our hair, in the heart of spring, we have already seen them, protagonists of the most famous red carpets.

Sideways to stop a lock, with glitter, designer or simple, wonderful cross. Or to embellish and give order to a high tail, in short, what could be nicer than a hair clip stuck in your hair?
Since we were children, they have always been the accessory by definition, to combine with our clothes.
And then this year, they returned, with their load of charm and bold innocence.

Streetstyle at the Paris fashion shows – Photographer: Skwad Photography / Blaublut-Edition.com

All lined up

From Dior to Gucci, Chanel, passing through Versace that launched them in the 90s, the clothespins are back on the catwalks and in the street style of celebrities.
How to wear them? The simplest method is to put them all in a row. Just align them close to each other. Distance is a completely personal choice, from the super narrow to the more distant one.

Retro style

If we are lovers of flat waves, we can use clothespins to block the first waves, starting from the nape of the neck, perhaps choosing a model with glitter, with a retro mood.

Streetstyle at the Paris fashion shows – Photographer: Jason Jean / Blaublut-Edition.com

Side by side

Side hairstyles are the real trend of the moment, in terms of hair and therefore, we can use hair clips to emphasize our look, also because they capture attention on another of the new trend focuses, namely earrings!
We can arrange them in scattered order, radially or in a row, equidistant from each other, they will always be at the top.
The extra advice? If we use metal clothespins, choose them from the same material as the earrings.

Streetstyle at the Paris fashion shows -Photographer: DanielBrunoGrandl / Blaublut-Edition.com

Let’s make a chaplet

To transform a simple bob into something unique, we try to make X with the clothespins on the whole circumference of the garment, always keeping the same direction for those below and for those above. A very stylish chaplet will form.


The simplest and most used method is always to use the hair clips to stop the locks in the back of the garment.
Of course, we can do it in a thousand ways: horizontal or vertical, triangle, hashtag-shaped, radial … in short, we can indulge ourselves as we want.


Wonderful and a bit large, behind the ears or at the height of the temples. You only need one on one side if you do the side row, or if we want to opt for a row in the center, we can put one on each side.

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