What are the 5 foods that cause abdominal bloating

What are the 5 foods that cause abdominal bloating

There are foods that, although important and healthy, cause bloating. Let's find out what they are

Very often it happens to feel excessively swollen after consuming broccoli and cabbage. It is not necessary to completely abolish them, as they contain important substances such as calcium, vitamin C and vitamin K, useful for reducing the onset of tumors, but it is essential to eat them in moderation. In this way, the intestine will not try too hard to digest them, thus avoiding the onset of gas.

The apple is a fruit rich in nutrients and fiber, which however are not always assimilated by the intestine. It may happen, in fact, that the apple sugars and the fibers ferment, thus stimulating the production of gas. So, to avoid digestion problems, eat slowly and drink some water before ingesting this fruit. In this way the digestive system will calm down and avoid the feeling of abdominal bloating.

Sodium chloride is undoubtedly one of the products most responsible for abdominal bloating; especially if used in excess it causes water retention, which tends to reduce the processes of digestion. Reduce portions as much as possible, but above all use recipes that involve very little use.

Carbonated drinks should be avoided as they are rich in carbon dioxide, the main cause of swelling and abdominal heaviness. Excessive consumption of carbonated drinks can cause the accumulation of gas and consequently belching. It is appropriate to consume natural water to reduce the onset of excessive abdominal bloating and further problems during the digestion phase.

Other foods to avoid are especially fried foods, which bring a lot of calories and can lead to excessive weight gain, especially if they are consumed in an uncontrolled way. Due to the excessive presence of salt and fat, the fries are not very easy to digest and all this can lead to abdominal bloating, weight gain and gas formation inside the abdomen.

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