What are the advantages of taking out complementary health insurance?

What are the advantages of taking out complementary health insurance?

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Medical consultations, hospitalization, dental costs and even appointments with the optician are all expenses to plan for to stay in good health. What role does complementary health play?

Reduce the remainder

Supplementary health insurance is optional coverage with multiple benefits. As its name suggests, its role consists of supplementing Health Insurance reimbursements. It is thus possible to choose your complementary health insurance according to the desired level of care. It should be remembered that Social Security only covers 70% of health expenses. In the absence of mutual insurance, you pay 30%, that is to say the remainder payable. Otherwise, you benefit from variable reimbursements depending on your contract.

For example, Allianz allows you to benefit from a maximum reimbursement of €1,000 on the purchase of hearing aids thanks to its premium range.

Also note that subscribing to complementary health insurance gives you access to the equipment of the 100% health reform. The aim is to provide you with glasses, dental and hearing aids at no extra cost.

Providing coverage tailored to your needs

Supplementary health insurance is a flexible contract depending on your needs. As the amount of the contribution varies depending on the guarantees taken out, focus on the ones you need. The idea is therefore to take stock of your condition and that of your loved ones to determine the essential care.

Dental reinforcement is particularly necessary to cover orthodontic treatments, prostheses, etc. These same guarantees, as well as those relating to hearing and vision, are essential for seniors.

Women may also need additional coverage, such as consultations with specialists, hospitalization during childbirth, etc. You should know that specialists often charge excess fees which are poorly reimbursed by Social Security. Likewise, the single room is not covered during childbirth.

In addition to the various coverages, your supplement can provide you with assistance in the form of home help.

Access a multitude of treatments

Taking out complementary health insurance means investing in better health. As mentioned previously, Health Insurance reimbursements remain limited. They even exclude certain treatments, including the use of alternative medicine. In other words, opting for complementary health insurance allows you to consult a psychologist, an osteopath, a dietitian, etc. You also have the possibility of having part of your spa treatment expenses reimbursed.