What are the fashion tattoos in 2019?

Find out what the trendiest subjects in 2019 are to get absolutely tattooed

Each tattoo tells a story, capturing a piece of our life, our dreams and our desires. The art of tattooing becomes increasingly refined and evolving. Among the tattooing trends of 2019, there are the references and citations to pop culture, tributes to fairy tales and cartoons, real works painted on the body, or, among the most fashionable tattoos, minimal ones with writings or decorations floral. Here are the trendy tattoos of this year, from which to be inspired.

Fashion tattoos on the hand and wrists

Among the trendy tattoos of this year, there are those on the hands. Very visible points of the body, ideal for showing the signs and the meaning of your new tattoos. Guitarist Dave Navarro has Roman numerals on all four fingers of each hand. The popstar Ariana Grande has impressed a sky-blue vault with a sun and a moon on her back. Demi Lovato has a lion tattooed on his hand, an emblem of strength and courage, which also appeared on the top of the Cara Delevingne. Selena Gomez instead has a musical note tattooed on her wrist: simple but very significant.

Tattoo trends: tattoos on the hand

Tattoos: new floral styles

The flowers have very deep meanings. Each flower carries symbolic expressions, cultures and beliefs. Among the trends of this year, there are the tattoos that represent the flowers. Lady Gaga, among her numerous and special tattoos, has chosen various flower designs: three daisies on her shoulder and roses that extend over her back. The Buddhist actress Malin Akerman has a large lotus flower and a Tibetan Sanskrit message in the upper back.

"Tattoon": the tattoos of the moment

The word "tattoon" derives from the union between "tattoo" and "cartoon" and indicates new styles of tattoos dedicated to animated characters and comics. Many celebrities show off them: from the most famous local influencer, Chiara Ferragni who has a little Mickey Mouse, to singer Ed Sheeran, who carries on the left arm the drawing of the plasticine penguin Pingu. The footballer Daniele De Rossi, on the other hand, had his "Teletubbies" tattooed on his right arm, animated characters loved by his daughter.

Fashion tattoo behind the ear

Rihanna was the first to launch the trend of small tattoos behind the ear, just with a star. The helix tattoo is the fashion that goes crazy among the stars. More than a simple tattoo on the ear, it is a real decoration, perfect "frame" for percing and earrings. The singer Adele and Rita Ora have imprinted their initials behind the ear. Even Miley Cyrus did not miss the tattoo of the moment, opting for the word "Love", in that very sensitive point.

Tattoos: 2019 trends for men

If you are looking for a classic yet modern style, the anchor is a timeless symbol that can compete with all the new tattoos in circulation. A tattoo much loved by the stars: from Harry Styles who wears it on his arm, to actor Josh Hutcherson on his abdomen. Inevitable for 2019: arrows, writings, icons and of course there is no lack of tribals, with their variations, in an ensemble of tradition and uniqueness, which characterizes the style of the new tattoos that give birth to innovative forms of art.

Making a tattoo on your skin is a real journey to share with those around you. Get inspired by the 2019 tattoo trends, to recreate a unique but fashionable design.

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