What are the methods for recognizing sugar addiction

What are the methods for recognizing sugar addiction

Sugar addiction is a very common disease and depends on poor nutrition

When the consumption of sugars is excessive, it usually comes from unhealthy foods such as candies, sweets and much more, this will lead to a real dependence on sugars over time. But how can you tell if you are addicted to sucrose and how to reduce this risk? Usually sugars are added in many packaged products and therefore we ingest them daily without even realizing it. On average, a maximum of six tablespoons of sugar should be consumed per day.

First of all, it is good to understand how sugar affects the body and brain level. Sugar releases hormones that cause a good mood, thereby providing fuel for every cell in your brain. When too many are ingested then the brain will begin to be unable to manage them and recent studies have shown that you feel a sensation similar to that caused by addiction to drugs.

Avoid diets that permanently abolish sugar sources. Instead it is much more appropriate to introduce changes to your diet, gradually and excessively reducing the presence of sugars. Begin in small steps with the elimination of sweets at the end of the meal, then candies, chocolate, finally reducing the excessive presence of sugar in the coffee that you can safely halve.

Furthermore, it is important to replace the presence of bad sugars with those deriving from yogurt, fruit, defined as good sugars as they are added to the food product. The main purpose is to prolong the sense of satiety to gradually remove the energy requirement due to the presence of sugars. To make this happen, it is advisable to add many proteins to your diet, contained in white meats, legumes and eggs and many fibers from vegetables and fruit.

Another help comes from constant sport, which involves a healthier diet and from drinking much more water than drinks containing carbon dioxide. In addition, to overcome sugar addiction it is good not to replace sugars but to get your body used to eating foods with a more natural sweetness. Do not overdo it with the ingestion of jams, honey and processed sugars.

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