What dark circles are caused by

Dark circles have many causes, ranging from simple insomnia, to more serious health problems. Let's find out which ones

Dark circles and their causes could be very deep. In fact, the creation of particular bags under the eyes is not a real disease, but a symptom that the body manifests in response to certain agents. For example, if the person suffers from insomnia or simply does not sleep much for work reasons, two particular semi-lunar bags will be created under the eyes. They will indicate that something is wrong and will be the first alarm bell. Furthermore, dark circles may often cause causes of fatigue.

If a person works too hard, he is always stressed, nervous and his nervous system is under too high pressure, this can lead to nervous breakdown. Before these occur, however, dark circles will appear under the eyes of the person at risk. In this case, it will be necessary to take a break from work and from the other commitments of daily life, in order not to fall victim to stress (which can even lead to depression). After an adequate pause, the dark circles will gradually become less evident, until they disappear completely.

However, there are very serious diseases, among the symptoms of which the appearance of bags under the eyes stands out. This is the case of dysfunction of the blood purification system (and in particular liver disorders). It is no coincidence that most of the people who abuse alcohol, after some time they realize they have dark circles for which they do not know the cause. This is because the blood becomes increasingly polluted and the capillaries less resistant. In addition, the skin directly under the eyes is a very delicate area, in which, therefore, the first symptoms of liver dysfunction occur.

Generally there are other symptoms that indicate a liver problem, such as the appearance of small red dots along the individual's body. Also, the problem may have nothing to do with the liver, but relate to the kidneys. It is advisable to visit your doctor by undergoing various general tests when you notice the appearance of one or more symptoms. At the same time, bags can be hidden under the eyes with good makeup. However, the causes of dark circles should never be ignored, as doing so could prove to be a very serious mistake in the not too distant future.

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