What does catcalling mean and why everyone is talking about it

Aurora Ramazzotti

In the last few days you will have seen the word "catcalling", a bad practice that struggles to die: what it is and why we hear about it

For days on various sites and on social networks we read and hear about catcalling, a bad practice that is stigmatized and that – frankly – in 2021 we wish it no longer existed. But in the last few hours it has come back strongly, after Aurora Ramazzotti has made some stories on the subject.

But let's go in order. According to what we read on the Accademia della Crusca website, catcalling would be a "sexual harassment, mainly verbal, which takes place in the street": in a nutshell, this is the classic vulgar comment that – unfortunately – every woman has received at least once in the life walking through any city and passing in front of a man or, more frequently, a group of men (because we know that in the size of the pack you feel more virile).

A bad practice, we said, that should not be confused with banal compliments that could also please. When you undergo catcalling, in fact, the sensation that a woman experiences is certainly not that of feeling flattered or appreciated, on the contrary. If anything, what you feel, at best, is a profound discomfort, which turns into real fear if you find yourself alone, perhaps in the evening, on the street receiving unwanted attention.

The reason why the topic is back in the news, we said, is to be linked to the stories that Aurora Ramazzotti dedicated to the topic: in the videos, the daughter of Eros Ramazzotti and Michelle Hunziker complains because she is constantly the subject of this type of behavior.

Guys, do we realize that the cat calling phenomenon still happens frequently in 2021? " – she confessed in a video posted in her Instagram stories, while we see her in jogging outfit shortly after running through the streets of Milan – "I'm the only one who is constantly a victim, although I'm one who usually does do you dress a bit like a tomboy? As soon as I put on a skirt or, as in this case, take off my sports jacket while I'm running because it's terribly hot, I have to hear sexist whistles and comments. It sucks to me and if you are someone who does it and you are seeing this story, know that you suck, ”he concluded bluntly.

The most surprising thing is that instead of receiving unconditional support, the young woman had to see how it is a much more rooted problem of mentality, even in some women. What hurt her after her outburst were in fact the comments of many haters who lashed out at her and among these many women: "How can you tell me that I was crying as a girl because I was ugly and now I complain because they boo at me?" , complains Aurora.

"I realize that we are not ready for the advancement, we will not go anywhere", was the final bitter consideration. Because if you continue to believe that certain comments are only compliments, that basically there is nothing wrong with it, it means that you have to start right from the basics and that the path towards a less sexist and more equal society is still long and far from it. how simple.

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