What happened to Alessia Fabiani

What happened to Alessia Fabiani

Famous word of mouth, Alessia Fabiani has long since abandoned the world of TV: let's find out what happened to it

What happened to Alessia Fabiani? It was the late nineties when the showgirl came to success thanks to Word of mouth, the famous quiz conducted by Gerry Scotti. Then the fame, many TV experiences, from La Sai l'Altima? to Men and Women, up to the reality show La Fattoria e Lucignolo. Finally, the decision to devote himself to acting, with the debut in the theater and a part of them in the film by Paolo Sorrentino.

Several years have passed since Alessia Fabiani performed her first ballet in the word of mouth studios and since then many things have changed. Today the model and showgirl is far from TV and is a theater actress, but above all a mother.

In 2012, in fact, she gave birth to the twins Kim and Keira, born from the love for Francesco Cherubini, from which she separated, after 8 years of relationship, in 2017. Determined, strong and beautiful, Alessia revealed in a recent interview with having refused many television projects to be with his children and to cultivate a passion for acting.

"I participated in the farm, but today I would not do a reality show again – he confessed to the microphones of Radio Cusano Campus -. First of all because I should leave my children for a long time, secondly because it is an experience that I have already had and then because today it is not my first interest to put my private life, my personal nuances in the square. I like much more to express my emotions by acting in the theater. It is another moment of life for me. "

"They have made so many proposals in these years, they have proposed me the Island and Big Brother – revealed Alessia Fabiani -. I refused and I'm sorry because it might seem like a snobbish attitude, but it is not so, it is simply a personal need. Ever since my children were born I decided that I would go along with what my heart wanted even more and I do it every day, in everything I choose for myself and for them. What if they offered me a program on TV? If my children came with me I would accept it. They are the top priority of my life. "

We recently saw her on TV as a guest of Caduta Libera, in the episode dedicated to VIP mothers. “I met many of my colleagues from the past – he said -, even some small letters by word of mouth. It was beautiful and also nostalgic. "

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