What happened to Antonella Ruggiero

Che fine ha fatto Antonella Ruggiero

A long and rewarding career for the artist who still enchants with his voice today

There are rare and recognizable talents even with closed eyes: Antonella Ruggiero's voice is one of them. Understood, with a great vocal range is capable of arousing deep emotions. His artistic career is long and full of successes obtained both in group and as a soloist. Also thanks to his heterogeneous talent which he still expresses today with albums and concerts.

A career in the entertainment world, therefore, started in the seventies and still full of satisfaction today. The last album is dated 2018: When I was a singer and collects solo songs from 1996 to today, divided into six CDs for a total of 115 songs, over 60 of which have never been released. Only among the latest works we can mention Cathedrals, recorded live with the organist Fausto Caporali dated 2015, while in November 2016 he published The unpredictable life of songs with songs from his repertoire.

Antonella Ruggiero was born in Genoa on November 15, 1952, her artistic career began in 1974 with the name of Matia and as a soloist she released the first album La strada del perdono. In 1975 the Matia Bazar group was born. These are the years of unforgettable songs that Antonella interprets with her unmistakable voice and with masterful skill: Tonight that evening, For an hour of love, Roman Holiday, Souvenir and again I hear you just to mention some of the group's most loved songs.

Ruggiero left the Matia bazaars in 1989. In this period of her life she dedicated herself to the family, with the birth in 1990 of her son Gabriele, and to travel. She stayed away from the scene until 1996 when she released the album Libera and opened Sting's Italian concerts.

From that moment the solo career restarts giving her great personal successes. Far away love and I don't forget you are two of the singles he brought to the Sanremo stage in 1998 and 1999. Throughout the 2000s he worked a lot and recorded numerous records both live and in the studio. These are the same years in which she wins the 2005 Sanremo Festival in the Women category (third in the general classification) with Echoes of infinity. And speaking of the Festival, Antonella Ruggiero took part in 11 editions, obtaining 4 prizes. The first of the awards dates back to 1978, when with Matia Bazar he won with… and say hello.

In his curriculum also theater and cinema. A long career full of different experiences that have demonstrated the versatility of Antonella Ruggiero's voice and artistic talent.

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