What happened to Cicelys Zelies, ex Mother Nature of Ciao Darwin

What happened to Cicelys Zelies, ex Mother Nature of Ciao Darwin

Cicelys Zelies, ex protagonist of Ciao Darwin, has taken on the role of Mother Nature: today she has become a mother

What happened to Cicelys Zelies, ex Mother Nature of Ciao Darwin? Instagram model and influencer, she conquered the television audience by taking part in the broadcast conducted by Paolo Bonolis. She recently moved away from the catwalks and TV to think about the family: Cicelys has in fact become a mother.

Originally from Cuba, Zelies has lived in Italy for some time. Her work has led her to travel a lot and is divided between Milan and Naples, where she found love. He has participated in numerous programs conducted by Paolo Bonolis: not only Ciao Darwin, but also The meaning of life. We also saw her in the cast of Chiambretti Night and on Sunday Live by Barbara D’Urso. Cicelys Zelies, however, is above all a model and has collaborated with numerous fashion brands. He also participated in several music videos by Guè Pequeno and Emma Marrone.

Statuesque physicist and intense gaze, Cicelys Zelies has achieved success not only at work, but also in private life. In fact, the model is married to Diego Taiani, deejay and Neapolitan musician. On Instagram, the supermodel often tells the strong bond with her husband, between couple shots and romantic dedications.

A few months ago Zelies announced to followers that she was pregnant. The model had appeared radiant with her baby bump and had told, day after day, the joy of waiting. Until the birth, unveiled on Instagram by Cicelys with a shot in which he shows the face of the newborn girl. "I had you for more than 9 months in my womb – wrote the ex Mother Nature of Ciao Darwin -. I learned about you from simple hiccups or soccer. About thirty hours ago you decided that it should be your moment, our immense act of love. We spent more than 24 hours trying to collaborate, united by our umbilical cord, to give you the gift of life ".

“Mum and dad know that it is not really one of those happy moments in the world – added the model, turning to her daughter -, but they also know that the babies born in this period are fighters who will manage everything in life. And it is precisely for this reason that at 19:37 on 07.04.2020 we started our life together … we finally crowned the dream of our life and our Christianity … It is a special day because with all the signs of the suffering for the effort of birth that you wear on your face, you have completed the gift of the family that love and God have given us. Welcome to the Tayrah world. Mom and Dad love you madly "

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