What happened to Daniela, Loretta Goggi's sister

Che fine ha fatto Daniela, la sorella di Loretta Goggi

Born in 1953, she has acted and sung several times with Loretta and is a special point of reference for her

Roman and born in 1953, Loretta Goggi's younger sister has a successful career behind her, which began when, as a child, she starred in a television drama inspired by Charles Dickens' novel David Copperfield.

Since then more than 50 years have passed and, as already mentioned, Daniela Goggi has collected numerous successes. Just to mention some of the most important stages of his artistic career, we remember the role of the nun of Monza as a teenager in the television shortcut of I Promessi Sposi aired in 1967, but also the mini TV series E le Stelle Stano a Guarda, which has seen her share the set with her sister.

Daniela Goggi was also a singer. With the stage name of Daniela Modigliani, she signed a record deal and, in the 70s, released two singles. We could go on and on to list the relevant moments of his long career!

Theatrical actress alongside Johnny Dorelli and Bice Valori, in the mid-70s she appeared for the first time in a Rai variety: Daniela Goggi was in fact a travel companion of the comic duo composed by Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia in the study of the transmission Two Incorrigible Boys, whose initials also sings (the song in question was awarded a platinum record).

In Sanremo in 1983 with a song produced by Pupo, Daniela Goggi – who recorded several songs in duet with her sister – has moved away from the limelight for years to devote herself to the family. In 1987 she was married to Count Pierfrancesco Vannutelli, from whom she had a daughter, Maria Costanza.

What are you doing today? Among his latest artistic engagements it is possible to mention the short film Sogni. Released in 2019 and directed by Angelo Longoni, he sees her acting after many years alongside Loretta and focuses on an extremely complex theme, namely Alzheimer's disease.

Often a guest of television programs in which she talks about her extraordinary career, Daniela Goggi has a special relationship with her older sister. As stated by Loretta in 2019 during an interview with Zerkalo Spettacolo, they wrote a TV series together.

As for the synergy in the personal sphere, it is impossible not to remember the role that Daniela had in helping her sister recover from the pain of the death of her life partner Gianni Brezza.

Decisive was, as told by Loretta in an interview with Gente, Daniela's request to accompany her to Argentina to visit Maria Costanza. Thanks to that trip with her beloved sister, the talented actress and imitator has started living again.

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