What happened to Ines of the Secret

What happened to Ines of the Secret

What happened to Ines of the Secret? It is probably one of the main questions of everyone who follows this television series. Here is the answer

What happened to Ines del Segreto is possible to discuss a lot. After all, the soap opera broadcast on Canale 5 has conquered the hearts of many viewers, eager to know how the story of Aurora, Ines, Donna Francisca and other protagonists of the TV series will end. And while Il Segreto is about to start again on Thursday at 21.10, fans are putting on various theories on the disappearance of Ines. The unpredictable plot is becoming more and more complicated, and the dense network of intertwining characters, stories and passions is expanding dramatically.

To understand what happened to Ines del Segreto we must remember what happened in the previous episodes. In particular, Aurora makes friends with "The Hedgehog" and tries to help Gertrudis, who however advises her to be careful. Bosco also meets with Candela, to whom he shows the letters Ines wrote to him before disappearing. So Candela begins to think that Ines has not disappeared voluntarily, but that behind everything there is the hand of the evil Francisca. The latter, for her part, comes into contact with Tristan, who wants to ask her for more money so that their secret remains safe.

From this it could be understood that Ines was kidnapped by Francisca, who seems to have paid Tristan to keep Candela's granddaughter secret. On the other hand, however, there are alternative theories. One of them explains the disappearance of Ines with the fact that she may be pregnant, and that for fear of the consequences and the reaction of Candela she therefore ran away from home. There are therefore two hypotheses on what happened to Ines del Segreto. The first to be is also the most probable one.

According to her, Ines would have disappeared at the hands of Tristan, persuaded to kidnap her and keep her secret from Candela. In support of this thesis there is the scene in which Francisca, once convinced that Candela believes that Ines has disappeared by her will, enters the basement of her villa, as if to show her victory. The hypothesis in which Ines disappears for fear of pregnancy seems to be less plausible, but is not rejected by fans of the soap opera. On the other hand, to find out what happened to Ines del Segreto, we just have to wait for the release of the new episodes. They will certainly be a lot of fun and full of twists.

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