What happened to Quantico

What happened to Quantico

Quantico: the TV series is ready to launch the arrival of the second season, where chaos will not reign this time, the creator Joshua Safran confirms this

Quantico is a show that has been hugely successful in a very short span of time. Its creator Joshua Safran, well-known producer of the TV series Gossip Girl, wanted to release advances about the new season. Following episode 1 × 22 "Yes", many are wondering what to expect from the second season. After 22 episodes of suspense and tension, there were also some confirmations that left the public stunned. Quantico's first season therefore ended with the "Yes" episode that aired in the United States on May 15.

Among the most striking events relating to the finale of Quantico's first season, the death of terrorist Liam, planned by Alex and Ryan, certainly stands out. Similarly, the death of Simon stands out, who wanted to sacrifice himself to protect everyone from the bomb left by Liam. There is also the proposal made to Alex, that is to join the CIA. But what surprised the viewers most of all in the TV series was certainly the complicity of Senator Claire Haase in the terrorist acts.

Although it is still unclear whether Alex will be in favor of the offer to join the CIA, the title of the episode "Yes" could throw some clues, that is, that the agent will accept the proposal. So here are the many doubts that emerge from the finale of the first season, so now we are looking forward to the highly anticipated second season. But creator and showrunner Joshua Safran hasn't missed an opportunity to reveal some information. First of all, real negotiations are underway for the participation of Marcia Cross also in the next season of Quantico.

In the same way, however, the showrunner clarifies that there are still no confirmations for this TV series, among the best coming. In addition, the creator revealed that the next season of the show will be less stormy than the first. Safran explains that the events will develop more discreetly and cautiously, even if the twists and turns will not be missing. While in the first season everything happens quickly and quickly, in the next the events will take place in a completely gradual way. Safran also revealed that the second season's performances will always be based on a set of moments of the present mixed with flashbacks of the past.

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