What happened to Raffaella Carrà, who is celebrated by Il Guardian

Che fine ha fatto Raffaella Carrà, che viene celebrata da Il Guardian

An iconic artist, who made the history of Italian television and culture: the career of Raffaella Carrà

A cultural icon: this is how the English newspaper Il Guardian describes Raffaella Carrà, and does so on the occasion of the release of the musical directed by Nacho Álvarez Explota Explota in which the showgirl's songs are the protagonists. Blonde helmet, determination to sell and a recognized skill: Raffaella Carrà is truly a unique figure for the culture of our country and beyond. After all, the history of Italian television is also made by this artist who has given viewers many hours of quality entertainment.

Even in recent years, in which he has continued to work. For example in 2016 she was involved in The voice of Italy and, in the spring of 2019 in A narration begins you. From a musical point of view in 2018 the album Every time it's Christmas was released.

Raffaella Carrà was born in Bologna on June 18, 1943, at the registry office Raffaella Maria Roberta Pelloni, she began to take her first steps in the world of cinema at a very young age and in 1960 she obtained a diploma from the Experimental Center for Cinematography. In his long résumé on the big screen there are numerous roles in national and international films. Suffice it to say that, among others, he starred in Mario Monicelli's Companions and Colonel Von Ryan, a Hollywood film with Frank Sinatra. Television and films up to the consecration on the small screen in the period 1969 – 1970 with Io, Agata e tu. These are also the years of the uncovered navel, which shows in the opening theme But what a maestro! (scandalizing) in Canzonissima where he works with Corrado. Tuca tuca and Chissà se va are just some of the hit songs that Raffaella Carrà launched in those years. He works in 1974 in Milleluci with Mina.

These were golden years for his career: with the album Felicità tà tà (which contains Rumore) he achieved platinum status. He also flies to Spain where he works for a few years. At the same time he devoted himself to music with highly successful songs such as A make love begins you. Another success was Tanti auguri, the opening theme of the Saturday variety Ma che sera. Retracing Raffaella Carrà's career means remembering many successes and important broadcasts of Italian television, of which she has followed the evolution, always remaining at the top (even those times when the numbers were not those imagined) and also dedicating herself to work abroad. Great, Hello, Raffella? and then the evening version Buonasera Raffaella, Domenica In just to name a few. In many of these shows she is the interpreter of the theme songs. He works both for Rai and Mediaset, in Italy and abroad. One of his greatest hits of the nineties is Carramba! What a surprise. In the 2000s, among other things, he presented Sanremo. At this stage of his career, he divides himself between working in Italy and abroad.

An icon so much that the world of culture has dedicated many awards to her, just remember the song Raffaella is mine by Tiziano Ferro or the clip of a video in which the showgirl sings the English version of A make love begins you can see in the fourth season of Doctor Who. Two of the many quotes that the artist received as a tribute.

In short, Raffaella Carrà made the history of television and culture and for The Guardian she is not only "the Italian pop star who taught Europe the joy of sex" but also "a cultural icon that revolutionized Italian entertainment".

Waiting to see her again on the small screen, we remind you that her musical production amounts to 51 published albums.

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