What happened to Raz Degan

After a long period Raz Degan breaks the silence and explains the reasons that led him to get away from the scenes and also tells about his future projects

What happened to Raz Degan?

"Some things are timeless" this is the phrase that Raz Degan writes on a famous social network to send birthday greetings to the woman he spent thirteen years with, Paola Barale. Then silence, in line with that confidentiality that has always distinguished it. Silence that is interrupted in 2015 when he gives an interview to the weekly Vanity Fair and explains the reasons for his mediatic exile. What happened to Raz Degan?

Model, actor and conductor was born in the State of Israel in 1968 to an American mother and an Israeli father. Nurse her, military him. In Italy he achieved success in the mid-90s with two commercials that launch two catchphrases that consecrate him to the star Olympus. Who does not remember the advertisement of a famous herbal bitter or a bubble bath where the beautiful Raz, very young, captivating gaze first says that they are his and then that he is not hungry?

Beautiful, green eyes, athletic physique does not struggle to enter the graces and fantasies of the female audience.
However, by doing a search, the latest news about him dates back to a few years ago and then that famous interview in which the signs of a slow and wise work of media censorship against him are already visible. To those who ask him the reason Raz replies that the purge took place when he tries to deal with uncomfortable and, perhaps, bigger issues than him such as seigniorage (income that States derive from the issue of money) and subliminal messages thinking to be able to use the instrument that made him famous, the TV. Claiming that we live in a society that decides how much money to take in the bank or where to go on vacation. Complaining the speed of televised times and the inability to express themselves within pre-established and well-marked limits.

But Raz continues to work on two documentaries. The first The son of Hamas, who stars an Israeli intelligence member during the years of the Intifada, sees him busy as director of photography. The second who has worked for more than three years tells the story of an American student, from a good family, who faces a period of depression and decides to leave for the Amazon. Raz followed him with the camera to make considerations on the human condition.
We just have to hope that he can return soon on TV and to the cinema and can express himself freely.

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