What happened to Sabina Ciuffini, the former valley of Rischiatutto

Che fine ha fatto Sabina Ciuffini, l’ex valletta di Rischiatutto

When she was very young, she was noticed by Mike Bongiorno: this is how Sabina Ciuffini's successful career began

The meeting with Mike Bongiorno, when she was still a young student, changed her life: Sabina Ciuffini became one of the most famous valleys of Rischiatutto, and from there her career took off. From actress to singer, she had a successful professional life, while on the private front she experienced great joys and great pains.

Sabina Ciuffini was born in 1950 in San Juan, Argentina: her parents had fled from Italy and from the heavy inheritance of their relatives – her mother, Yvonne Giannini, was in fact the daughter of the politician Guglielmo Giannini, founder of the much discussed Face of Any Man]. His older sister Virginia was also born in a foreign land, while for the arrival of the younger brother the family decided to return to Italy. And it is here that Sabina took her first steps in the entertainment world, first in some commercials of Carosello and then in one of the most successful broadcasts of all time, Rischiatutto.

It was Mike Bongiorno who had chosen her for a very particular role: no longer that of a simple figure, but of a "talking" valley. A notable turning point, which was reflected in several other areas, starting with the stylistic one. For the first time, with Sabina Ciuffini, Rai welcomed a girl in a miniskirt to the small screen. The young woman remained alongside Mike for all 5 editions of Rischiatutto and, in 1975, joined him at the Sanremo Festival.

Later, she devoted herself to an acting career, recorded a single and wrote a book, before returning to television – this time to conducting some shows such as M’ama non m’ama with Marco Predolin. In the late 1970s, Sabina also began her journalistic experience by interviewing some of the most important celebrities of the time, including Federico Fellini, Gianni Agnelli and Enzo Ferrari. More recently we have seen her in the fiction This house is not a hotel, but Ciuffini has now left the world of entertainment and has become an entrepreneur.

In her private life, Sabina faced very difficult times. Like the separation from her husband, the entrepreneur Franco Ceccarelli: a guest at Today is another day, the actress revealed that she could not bear the various betrayals she had discovered. But their union brought her two great joys, her children Ilaria – a young singer known by the stage name Iosonoaria – and Jacopo. For some time Ciuffini has been happily single, at ease in the freedom she has carved out after the end of her marriage.

In the past, he has also suffered greatly from the death of his sister Virginia, who is only two years her senior. The woman fought for a long time with a severe form of leukemia, and Sabina made a beautiful gesture by giving her the marrow, a courageous choice that allowed her sister to live a few more years, so as to see her daughters get married and become a grandmother. .

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