What happened to Stefania Orlando and what does she do today

What happened to Stefania Orlando and what does she do today

Stefania Orlando: presenter and singer-songwriter, today is divided between the various television engagements, the personal blog, a column on a well-known weekly magazine and music

Stefania Orlando was born in Rome on December 23, 1968. After graduating from high school, she embarked on a modeling career, and then landed on TV in 1993, as a glimpse of the Mediaset program "Yes or no?", Conducted by Claudio Lippi and after two years on the show "Scommettiamo che …?", presented by Milly Carlucci and Fabrizio Frizzi. In 1995, for two consecutive years, he successfully conducted the Tg Rosa, on Odeon TV and is part of the cast "Boom", by Teo Teocoli. The consecration as a presenter took place in 1997, when Michele Guardì chose her for the historical transmission of Rai Due "I fatti yours", an artistic partnership that would last for several years. During the same period he also works in several other programs of the national network, such as the various editions of "Telethon", announces the extraction of the numbers in "The lot at eight", manages the connections with the headquarters of the State Monopolies, for television shows linked to the Italy Lottery, "Torno Sabato" and "Uno di noi" and leads the Girofestival.

In 2003 she was the hostess of the first edition of "Piazza Grande" and "Stelle con la coda", also on Rai Due. In 2008, she returned as presenter with the traveling show "Festival Show", on Canale Italia. In recent years Stefania Orlando has often been a regular guest of "Unomattina in Famiglia", as an opionist. In September 2015 she returned to "Your facts", as a jury in the section dedicated to dogs, Dog Factor and conducted three episodes of the music show "Singing dancing", on Canale Italia.

The blonde conductor since 2005 cultivates one of her great passions: music. Join a group, with which he performs as a singer in various clubs, playing covers of famous songs of different genres. Two years later he recorded the single "Sotto la luna", followed by "Marimbabà" where he sings solo. In 2009, he released his first album "Up and down" and toured Italy, with live shows with his band "Orlando Furiosi". Since 2010, she has become the author of her songs, which often have social themes as topics, correlated by videos made by the showgirl herself.

Stefania Orlano is also an actress, in fact, in 1995 she was the main protagonist of the theatrical performances "Isso, it is' mala femmena" and "Ragioniè … you have to reason", both with Vittorio Marseille. In 2008 he starred in a cameo in "Don Matteo 6" and in 2015 in the independent film "New World Order", by the directors Fabio and Marco Ferrara.
Today she is very active on social networks and has a personal blog "Orlando Curiosa", created in 2012, where she writes about fashion, music, cooking and various topics. With the same name, it also has a column in a well-known Italian weekly.

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