What happened to the Blacks by chance

What happened to the Blacks by chance

The Salerno group returns to the Sanremo stage in 2021: this is what Neri per Caso do today

Sanremo 2021, the singers in the competition of the 71st edition

Their splendid song The Girls, sung a cappella on the Ariston stage more than 25 years ago, had conquered everyone: Neri per Caso then had a brilliant career, working alongside great artists of Italian music. In recent times, we have heard a little less about them. What happened to them?

I Neri per Caso were born unofficially in the early 90s, initially performing only in some clubs in Salerno. The original formation saw the presence of the brothers Gonzalo and Domenico Caravano, their cousins ​​Ciro and Diego Caravano, as well as Mario Crescenzo and Massimo de Divitiis: just to celebrate their surnames (and highlight the strong ties of kinship that united most of them), the band had initially chosen the name of Crecason – the acronym of Crescenzo and Caravano.

At a later stage, however, the group decided to adopt the name Neri per Caso. It all happened when, during one of their concerts, the boys dressed in black: it was just a fortuitous coincidence, which gave rise to their legend. Neri per Caso brought a cappella music to our country, showing a remarkable talent since their first years of activity. So much so that, in 1995, they were chosen for the Sanremo Festival – an edition that they won in the New Proposals category.

After this first, incredible success, the band collaborated with many Italian music stars: for their album Angoliiffer, released in 2008, they duet with 11 of the most beloved singers on the national scene, including Claudio Baglioni, Lucio Dalla , Mango and Gino Paoli. In the same year they returned to Sanremo to accompany Mietta on the evening of the covers, interpreting the song Baciami ora a cappella.

In 2010, with the album Donne, they involved some of the most talented artists of our country: from Loredana Bertè to Ornella Vanoni, passing through young emerging singers such as Alessandra Amoroso, Noemi and Giusy Ferreri. A few more eventful years followed: Neri per Caso experienced some defections – Diego Caravano left the group, replaced first by Moris Pradella and then by Daniele Blaquier – and they slowed down their musical production.

Their most recent hits? The return to Sanremo in 2018 on the evening of duets alongside Elio and the tense stories and the new album We Love The Beatles, a collection of covers by the famous British band. After two years of silence, Neri per Caso finally landed once again on the stage of the Ariston in Sanremo 2021, to duet with Ghemon in a medley of Italian successes, during the third evening of the festival.

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