What happened to Umberto Tozzi

Umberto Tozzi is an important Italian singer-songwriter, considered an icon of classic rock. That's where the myth of music is gone and what it's doing

Umberto Tozzi, born and raised in Turin, had recently disappeared somewhat from the art scene, dedicating himself to the search for new sounds to be included in his albums. The experimentation lasted almost 3 years with the discovery of new possible mixes, included in the Piedmontese masterpieces. Thanks to his desire for innovation, he is considered one of the greatest rock stars on the Italian music scene. In addition, he has often demonstrated a strong and charismatic personality, releasing some rock-indie albums.

During the period of absence from the Italian and world music scenes he made small collaborations with other singers, succeeding in the search for a style very close to his, but common fresh of novelty. During more than 1000 days of absence, he has produced several unpublished works, which will be included in the album "What a show". The work, probably the deepest and largest of Umberto Tozzi's entire musical career, will be released in Italian stores on October 30 of this year. Its release in the world is however expected for the last months of 2016.

The Turin-born artist hopes that the sales of the new CD will add to the over seventy-five million records sold worldwide. Collaborating with Italian Sony Music and taking advantage of the Momy Record label, Umberto Tozzi is also ready to return to play on the big stage. In this regard, he is thinking of organizing a great Italian tour to present the new works. After it, in relation to the success achieved by the CD abroad, the artist could also organize dates in France, Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

What hasn't changed in the 3 years of solitary research at all is the guitar. To represent the symbol of a generation, it always appears close to Turin. Even the look of the musician seems to have changed during his absence from the stage: classic clothes, a confident look, a typical elegance for an old-style rocker. Fashion and trendy, Umberto Tozzi seems to be ready to return to the limelight and amaze his audience with new works of global importance. All his fans, on the other hand, just have to wait until 30 October, when the discs will finally appear in exclusive stores and the Italian people will be able to listen to the new Piedmontese music.

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