What happened to Veronica Ciardi of the GF 10

What happened to Veronica Ciardi of the GF 10

The former gieffina has returned to be talked about after becoming a mother in great secrecy

Remember Veronica Ciardi, the sensual competitor who ignited the tenth edition of Big Brother? After a long period of silence, she has now returned to being talked about.

Leaving the most spied-on house in Italy, the beautiful Roman had been at the center of gossip because of the flirtations she had with some of the reality contestants and above all for her intimate relationship with Sarah Nile, defined by most as ambiguous and "Sapphic". Then, after proving to be a real "man-eater" for the entire GF edition, Veronica finally found serenity alongside Federico Bernardeschi, a well-known footballer from Juventus and the national team.

From 2016, the year in which they met by chance in Formentera, the two have always lived their love story far from the spotlight, trying to protect as much as possible the feeling they feel for each other. No one has ever heard of the former gieffina, except on very rare occasions, at least until she herself announced the break with the handsome footballer. It was 2017, and since then there have been no news of the couple so far.

Just a few hours ago instead, the journalist Gabriele Parpiglia revealed a sensational scoop: "The good news is that Federico Bernardeschi, a soccer player of Juve and the National team, as well as an amazing person, a few months ago in great secrecy – with great respect for a desired privacy with strength – he became dad for the happiness of his partner Veronica ”.

After years of absence from the scene, the former little girl returns to be talked about. And this time it's not because of his fame as a femme fatale, but rather because of the good news of having become a mother. Of course, the Roman has not yet confirmed the news, and for the moment no photos have been seen that portray her with a big belly, but the distance from the scenes could well explain why Ciardi's pregnancy was so reserved. And then Parpiglia seems to have made it clear that he already knew about the sweet waiting for Veronica.

The sensual Roman, who turned the heads of the competitors of the Big Brother house, now seems to have put her head in place. For those who remember it, at the time of the reality show he had repeatedly brought out his passion for children, with whom he worked closely in a nursery school in the capital. Now, years later, she can finally dedicate herself to a child of her own and maybe build a family according to the values ​​that count for her, "love and respect".

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