What if certain songs helped you see beautiful skin?

What if certain songs helped you see beautiful skin?

Now is the time, more than ever, for natural beauty, and more particularly for radiant skin. But you have to be relaxed to have a radiant complexion. And in this quest for perfect skin, music can help, a new study reveals.

For good reason, stress has harmful consequences on the skin. The hormones it releases increase the production of sebum, which contributes to the appearance of imperfections and accelerates skin aging. Stress also alters the complexion and barrier function of the skin, causing tightness, irritation and itching. Everything indicates that our skin suffers when we are anxious. It is therefore important to combat its effects to have beautiful skin.

This is where music comes in. A large number of studies have shown that the fourth art has an anxiolytic power. It would even lead to a reduction in the subjective sensation of stress, by stimulating the reward circuits. Certain slow-paced melodies act more on our mind than others, which makes them allies for having immaculate skin.

Experts from the Beauty Pie brand wanted to determine which songs are the most beneficial for our skin. To do this, they analyzed 1.4 million songs hosted on Spotify, paying particular attention to those included in playlists containing, among other things, the words “skincare” (“skin care”, in French), “calm” and “well-being”. They were thus able to establish a ranking of the 25 most “relaxing” titles to listen to during your beauty routine.

SZA, a very relaxing musician

The first place is occupied by “Moonlight” by Ariana Grande. This ballad, which appears in the singer’s third album, “Dangerous Woman”, has the particularity of having a very slow rhythm. Dr. Michael Bonshor, professor of music psychology at the University of Sheffield (England), says its calming effect results from its changes in tempo. “The song ‘Moonlight’ by Ariana (Grande) has a rhythm of 102 beats per minute (bpm) if we listen to all 4 beats of the same measure. However, if we focus on the first and third beats the louder in the measure, we ‘feel’ the rhythm of the music as two slow beats in each measure, which gives us a relaxing rhythm of 51 bpm,” he explained in a press release.

SZA’s “Good Days” and Frank Ocean’s “Pink + White” are second and third on the chart, respectively. The R’n’B phenomenon, Frank Ocean, also appears in eleventh position thanks to his introspective title, “Lost”. But the artist who dominates this ranking of the most relaxing songs is none other than SZA. The American rapper alone occupies three different places: second, fourth (with “Kill Bill”) and nineteenth (with “Normal Girl”).

Most of the musicians appearing in this top 25 have become known in recent years, with the exception of Norah Jones. The American singer launched her career in 2002 with the release of her first album, “Come Away with Me”. But the song that earned him eighth place, “Sunrise,” comes from his second album, “Feels Like Home.” According to Dr. Michael Bonshor, it is particularly relaxing. “The repetitive melody that emerges from ‘Sunrise’ (by Norah Jones), combined with calming lyrics and regular rhythmic patterns, makes it a song that one can easily immerse themselves in,” he explained in the same communicated.

Discover below the ten soothing songs to listen to during your beauty routine to look beautiful. The entire ranking can be viewed on the Beauty Pie website.

1 – “Moonlight” d’Ariana Grande

2 – “Good Days” by SZA

3 – “Pink + White” de Frank Ocean

4 – “Kill Bill” de SZA

5 – “Telepathy” by Kali Uchis

6 – “See You Again (feat. Kali Uchis)” de Tyler, the Creator

7 – “Die For You” de The Weeknd

8 – “Sunrise” de Norah Jones

9 – “Breathe” de DTO

10 – “Cardigan” de Taylor Swift