What is and what is the use of cross fit?

What is and what is the use of cross fit?

Exercises, advantages and disadvantages of this physical activity and who can do it

Cross fit: what it is.
Cross fit is a training program with combinations of exercises taken from several different sporting activities. This particular physical activity was created for the first time by the American Greg Glassman in the United States, but it began to be known in the nineties and has recently become very famous.

Cross fit: what is its usefulness?
The cross fit aims to give resistance, speed and better coordination to the body, it is also very useful for toning the entire musculature as it is an activity of great intensity and speed of execution. In addition to this, it helps speed up the metabolism and burn more calories during the lesson.

Cross fit: the exercises
As mentioned in cross fit there is no specific exercise but a combination of different exercises taken from other sports. In fact, in cross fit it is possible to train with athletic exercises such as squats and jump rope, but also to do weight lifting, climbing, running and even cardiovascular exercises. We also use tools such as weights, rowing machine, jump rope and gymnastic rings. The combination of exercises must be done as quickly as possible for it to be effective. For this reason, a lesson usually lasts no more than half an hour.

Cross fit: advantages and disadvantages and who can do it
Being a high intensity physical activity, cross fit has numerous advantages but like all things also disadvantages. The main advantages derive from the fact that by carrying out the exercises intensely and with great speed, the tissues will be more sprayed with oxygen and thus the excess of lactic acid formation will be reduced, this means that the body is much more elastic and powerful. . It also increases physical endurance, improves coordination of movements as well as speeding up the metabolism. The disadvantages, on the other hand, are in line with those of other sports, namely the possibility of suffering musculoskeletal trauma or having breathing problems and ultimately the great intensity can cause vomiting. Cross fit in general can be practiced by anyone, even if it is not suitable for those with cardiovascular problems or suffering from arthritis or other skeletal problems.

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