What is eurythmy, the dance that frees you from insomnia (and more)



Eurythmy is a bodywork technique that acts at a deep level and allows you to find serenity. It’s about a dance which is part ofanthroposophy but which also has values therapeutic, so much so that it is often anthroposophical doctors who recommend it for various ailments. Don’t worry, to practice it you don’t have to digest difficult philosophical concepts because it’s all very immediato. With the body drawings “A column of light” or “a flower that raises its corolla in the morning”. For Rudolf Steiner who created it, eurythmy is a movement of the soul to develop intuition and imagination.

It comes from anthroposophy

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Rudolf Steiner he laid the foundations of eurythmy as an art and artistic therapy in support of anthroposophic medicine. In addition to medicine, theanthroposophy (literally, human wisdom) has renewed various fields of knowledge, such as biodynamics in agriculture, architecture, pedagogy. The common idea is the conception of man as a being spiritual deeply connected to nature and to the cycles of cosmos. Eurythmy has now developed into three sectors:art with dance shows, in which the artists wear long robes and colored veils, theeducation of children and the treatment of many ailments.

How a session takes place

After listening to your problems the therapist, standing in front of you, asks you to imitate his gestures. The first exercise is that of “tripartite step”. You just have to walk while the eurythmist studies how you raise the heellift your foot and put theforefoot. Easy right? However, from these simple movements, the expert he understands many things. “For example,” explains the eurythmist Francesca Gatti, «That there is no balance between thinking, feeling and wanting. If the foot gets stuck in the middle and the person hesitates when he has to lower it again, it means that he lives too much “in the head”, so the nervous system remains. overexcited and we are filled with fears ».

The more you dance, the better you sleep

Indeed, anxious or insomniac people often the evening remain long in front of the pc, when the conscience should let go of the “emotional body”, the one that takes us to the world of dreams at night. How to fix it? «You can learn to walk by bringing the breath towards the low, so that it feels in the legs. This is how you relax », continues Francesca Gatti. “The movement, in fact, it reflects our essence ». Other exercises help to understand this fundamental concept. For example, the letters of thealphabet or moves accompanied by songs by poems. Simple and fun, this one dance excites and dissolves all tension, paving the way for sleep. «Eurythmy helps us to find the rhythms of nature in us and to better perceive our body», she explains the expert.

The exercise to try for yourself

Eurythmy gives you the best if you put it into practice under the guidance of a teacher. But here’s an easy one exercise ideal for relieving tension when you are under stress.

  • Standing or sitting it approaches hands to the chest, with the fingertips gently placed on the sternum. Feel your center.

  • Now widen your arms gently, like a flower opening the petals or one light that expands.

  • Return to the center by collecting the Strength. Repeat slowly several times. You can do the exercise too walking.

Stimulates the forces of self-healing

Anthroposophical doctors in general prescribe eurythmy sessions for various disorders acute And chronic. Usually a course of therapy includes 10 sessions 45 minutes each (for more information see euritmiaterapeutica.it). Here are the problems for which eurythmy works best.

  • The psychosomatic diseases or related to nervous system disorders such as anxiety, bulimia, colitis, headache, circulatory and coordination.

  • The degenerative pathologies: together with other therapies artistic (painting, sculpture, music), eurythmy is recommended for example to cancer patients, such as stimulus to self-healing forces.

  • THE vision disturbances (myopia, hyperopia, monitor visual stress and others), in which alongside specific remedies of anthroposophic medicine.

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