What is hypnobirthing or positive childbirth, the method used by Kate Middleton

What is hypnobirthing or positive childbirth, the method used by Kate Middleton

Let's find out what is hypnobirthing, the method used by Kate Middleton during childbirth

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Hypnobirthing or positive delivery is the method used by Kate Middleton to give birth to the third royal baby.

The Duchess of Cambridge has finally given birth to her third child. It is a beautiful boy, who weighed 3.9 kg at birth. The child was born in the Lindo Wing, the private area of ​​St. Mary's Hospital in London, where Kate had also given birth to George in 2013 and Charlotte in 2015. According to what has been revealed, the labor lasted very little, less than two and a half hours occurred to give birth to the second child, and 11 hours for the firstborn.

In all three cases, Kate Middleton chose to give birth using hypnobirthing. It is a natural technique that helps to relieve pain and prepare a woman's body for childbirth, without the use of anesthetics or drugs. This natural technique was conceived by Marie "Mickey" Mongan years ago and today is practiced in over 45 countries around the world.

It is essentially a kind of self-hypnosis, which allows the future mother to overcome the fear and pain of contractions, relax and fully enjoy the joy of childbirth. "We believe that every woman has within her the power to bring out and channel her natural instincts so that the birth is the best possible for the child and also for herself," explains Mongan in her book on hypnobirthing.

The technique in the United States has been a great success, so much so that today around 9.5% of women in labor choose to rely on hypnobirthing, fashion has also infected Europe, especially after Kate Middleton decided to use this method to give birth to the first royal baby.

How does it work? The preparation course lasts several weeks, during which the mother learns some techniques that she will be able to put in place at the moment of birth, such as sleep breathing, a breath that allows the body to relax during the most difficult phases of labor. The hypnobirthing experts also promise to teach women in labor how to push spontaneously and without any forcing, to avoid traumas to their body and newborn. Finally, daily visualizations are made, special music is listened to and mantras are repeated.

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