What is positive intelligence and how to enhance it

from Sonia Bertolini And Gerardo Antonelli

Each of us has experienced a difficult period: everything seems to collapse on you. Work causes you anxiety and keeps you in a constant state of uncertainty. At home it is not better: when you are under stress the problems are amplified, increasing conflict with the partner and misunderstandings with the children. So? Learn the secrets ofpositive intelligence. We talk about it with doctor Terenzio Traiscioccupational psychologist, author of the bestselling book Oscar Mondadori All the good I wantTEDx speaker and corporate trainer.

What is positive intelligence

Positive intelligence is the ability to see reality more broadly, from another point of view, beyond the problem, to find solutions and face it with greater serenity, clarity and energy », says the psychologist. “This allows you to manage stress, mood, thoughts and interpersonal communication, so that you can be listened to, understood and appreciated.” How is it upgraded? “First of all, we need those neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin) that allow us to perceive reality in a different way, see the bright side and to have self-confidence ”, explains the expert. “These neuronal messengers can be released into the brain through movement and positive language.”

The right training

Doctor Terenzio Traisci has also fine-tuned specific exercises, useful for training positive intelligence. «To stimulate its use and therefore the release of the neurotransmitters that allow it, diaphragmatic breathing exercises can be performed and an open and upright posture can be assumed. Then we need exercises on positive language with ourselves, because the internal dialogue influences the way we see, perceive and react to events. If we are used to saying “what a bad day”, “today is everything wrong” or “why does it all happen to me?”, This will increase the release of stress hormones and make us focus only on the negative side, putting us on the defensive. Finally, after modifying the way of perceiving and reacting to the outside world, changing one’s psycho-physical conditions, one can move on to exercises on communicating with the outside, to be heard, understood, appreciated and valued », concludes Traisci.

If you want to know more

To deepen these and other themes of psychology e psycho-physical wellbeingTerenzio Traisci has created a portal where you can find free videos, interviews, Facebook live recordings, the video of his speech at TEDx (one of the few Italians to have exceeded one million views) and some video courses on offer.

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