What is sustainable fashion? An easy explanation

What is sustainable fashion? An easy explanation

What is meant by ethical and sustainable fashion? Let's see it together

Today everyone is talking about sustainability and it is becoming increasingly difficult to understand something. With this post I will try to explain in an easy way what ethical and sustainable fashion is.

What is sustainable fashion: why it is important to know

Many ignore it completely, but fashion, due to all its related products and the disposal of garments at the end of their life, is the second most polluting industry on the planet after oil. Would you ever have said that? When I discovered it after seeing the docufilm "The true cost" (which I strongly recommend you watch) I was baffled: for someone who grew up in the midst of clothes and fabrics, to discover that what we wear without even noticing hiding such dramatic implications is unsettling. It is important to know what ethical and sustainable fashion is because clothes cover our entire body: just as we read the labels of what we eat and pay attention, in the same way we should pay attention to what covers us completely … don't you think?

What is sustainable fashion? An easy explanation

What is sustainable fashion: what it means

To give a simple explanation, we mean a fashion that has the lowest possible environmental impact, starting from the birth of the fibers that make up the garments, up to the disposal of those same garments at the end of their life. To understand, every single process can be more or less sustainable, from the single cotton seed, to the sweater that can end up in landfills or whose fiber can be regenerated instead.

And ethical fashion?

Ethical fashion is that which is attentive not only to the environment, but also to people and which therefore uses honestly paid labor, and which works in decent living conditions. It goes without saying that the ploy of producing in countries where labor costs less by "unloading" the responsibility on the wage policies of that country is not exactly what is meant by ethics. This week is a particularly important moment for those involved in ethical and sustainable fashion: it is the Fashion Revolution Week, that is a moment in which the collapse of the factory in Rana Plaza, Bangladesh, is commemorated. This collapse in 2013 buried more than a thousand people, who were sewing, in conditions not too far from slavery, garments for big brands in the fast fashion world.

What is sustainable fashion? An easy explanation

Sustainable fashion: what can we actually start doing?

We start buying less and buying better. Let's start reading labels to see what a particular garment is made of and where it is produced. The world of ethical and sustainable fashion is vast and complex, but each of us can do our part to change things. It is our daily choices that ultimately make the difference. Let's think about it, the next t-shirt we will buy …

What is sustainable fashion? An easy explanation

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