What is the best side for sleeping?

What is the best side for sleeping?

The quality of our sleep is one of the fundamental building blocks for an optimal state of health. Choosing the position in which we sleep also has consequences. Let's find out which ones

That sleeping well is essential for our health is now known to everyone. Sleep brings benefits to our appearance and mental state, in fact, sleeping too little makes you irritable, not very attentive and has devastating effects on memory and attention span. What we still did not know is that it is not only how much you sleep but also the position we take in sleep.
According to Ayurveda, ancient Indian medicine, lying down on the left side could bring numerous benefits to our health.

The left side of the body is in fact different from the right side and each individual should train to sleep on this part of the body to improve their health. According to these scholars, the whole lymphatic system of our body tends to the left side and therefore sleeping in this position would help the various organs such as the stomach, liver, bladder and pancreas to eliminate toxins, facilitating digestion and the flow of bile. In addition, the intestine would also benefit, in fact sleeping on this side would help the passage of digestive waste. It is said that Buddhist monks used to lie down 10 minutes after meals to help the digestive process.

Recent studies by Dr. John Doulliard have confirmed this theory, in fact in addition to having ascertained that sleeping on the left side helps the lymphatic system and digestion seems to bring other benefits. In fact, a large part of the heart is located in this part of the body, sleeping in this position therefore helps the lymphatic system to drain it, also the aorta runs towards the left side up to the abdomen, therefore in this position the blood is able to circulate better. Finally, the spleen is also on this side of the body. The spleen is a somewhat forgotten organ but it is very important in the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins in our blood.

This position is even more advisable in pregnancy, perhaps with cushions under the belly. In this way, in fact, the weight on the liver, kidneys and intestines is reduced. Furthermore, the appearance of hemorrhoids will be avoided and nausea, one of the major problems of pregnancy, will be countered. Even the placenta can more easily provide all the nutrients necessary for the growth of the fetus.

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