What is the difference between headache and migraine

What is the difference between headache and migraine

Headache or migraine? Very often there is a lot of confusion between these two symptoms, but in reality they are quite different discomforts

Headache and migraine: this last pathology, in particular, can be quite unbearable. During a migraine attack, the blood vessels of the head expand and the surrounding nerve tissue inflames, causing severe pain. So if any friend or acquaintance suffers from migraines or headaches, check these alarm bells to learn about the best remedies to alleviate a migraine attack. But there are specific differences between migraine and headache, starting with the triggering causes.

Going back to the real cause of a migraine attack is still not entirely possible. Researchers believe this is a neurological problem. However, there are still a number of factors that can trigger pain, some of which include stress and tension, environmental changes, hormonal changes, and long exposure to the sun. Even the lack of sleep plays a fundamental role and together with it can cause this disorder a poor diet, excessive consumption of alcohol and some foods.

There are various types of headaches and migraines, responsible for the dreaded and insidious headache. When you suffer from headaches, pain is usually felt along the forehead area. But when the cause of the pathology is stress, the pain is felt from the top of the neck to that of the skull. For this reason it is sometimes necessary to know how to recognize the symptoms, in order to identify the real pathology. As for migraine, there are a number of factors that can potentially trigger the symptoms. Among these are definitely alcohol, various types of food, menstruation, stress and lack of sleep.

On the other hand, migraine can also be caused by an underlying problem such as the inflamed cervical. If you suffer from a headache or migraine, you should therefore consult your doctor to determine if they could be related to factors such as hormonal imbalance, cardiovascular problems, inflammation and more. If the symptoms of a migraine or headache tend to persist for a long time it is important to resort to a correct diagnosis through a consultation with a health professional.

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