What is the difference between sleeping and resting?

What is the difference between sleeping and resting?

Rest and sleep are two sides of the same coin: but what are the differences between these two verbs that seem to indicate actions familiar to us?

Rest and sleep are two verbs that seem very similar to each other, yet subtle differences exist between the two actions.
Trivial detail among all? When we talk about resting we can mean any moment of the day. We can rest at 11 in the morning, after lunch, in the late afternoon, always in short. When we talk about sleeping, however, we mean 99% of the night hours. Due exception, then, those who work at night and are therefore forced to sleep during the day.

Between resting and sleeping there is also a difference in place as well as in time: we can in fact rest in the car if we are not driving, on the swing in the garden during the summer, on the sofa, on an armchair, even on a chair if we are just tired … We can rest anywhere, but when it comes to really sleeping we all want a bed. And if that bed together with the pillow is just what belongs to us, that of our usual room, sleep will be truly wonderful and refreshing: try it to believe it. There is nothing more beautiful than the scent, size and familiarity of your bed in your home.

Resting, if we think about it in a physical as well as literal sense, means avoiding striving and moving. You can rest after an athletic race, after a day of work, after a fight with our partner. So let's rest to regain strength, take a short break before resuming what we were doing to do it with more energy. Sleeping, on the other hand, really means immersing ourselves in sleep, not only to recover energy but to restore the body. For this reason, even experts say that it is possible to rest even just 30 minutes to feel better.

When instead we have to sleep and not rest, half an hour is not enough. Indeed, each of us should sleep on average 8 hours per night in order to then face a new day of work, study or anything else, in the best way. Unfortunately, however, nowadays, there are always many more people who are able to rest and less and less people who are also able to sleep. And you? What types are you? Can you still rejoice in the true benefits of sleep or are you forced to settle for poor rest?

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