What is the difference between spinal and epidural anesthesia

What is the difference between spinal and epidural anesthesia

What is the difference between spinal and epidural anesthesia? Here are some distinctions related to two techniques used to relieve pain

What is the difference between epidural and spinal anesthesia: during labor the pains related to childbirth can be particularly intense and consequently the woman is unable to actively participate in the birth of the baby. Thanks to these two methods it is possible to participate in childbirth in a conscious and fully conscious way; it is one of the most beautiful moments for a mother, or the little baby who comes into the world. First of all, it should be considered that the perception of pain can vary according to the subjects, but it is also true that suffering is inevitable for any woman.

The epidural and spinal anesthesia guarantee a feeling of relief, useful in alleviating the severe pain caused by contractions. These are two very effective methods, since they make the experience of giving birth less traumatic and allow you to give birth without pain. Furthermore, these two techniques are also used in the case of cesarean section. Specifically, there are two local anesthesia that are performed by an injection that does not cause any pain, since it is carried out under local anesthesia along the lumbar area.

As a consequence, the motor capacity from the breast part to the lower part of the body is lost, allowing the woman to remain totally active during the birth of the child. These two methods are completely safe, since they do not cause side effects on the baby, so much so that the mother can already breastfeed him immediately after giving birth. So what difference is there between spinal and epidural anesthesia? The distinction of both techniques lies precisely in the injected anesthetic. Spinal anesthesia involves only one
administration, that is, a small dose that is injected deep into the lumbar area and has very rapid effects.

As for the epidural, the dose of anesthetic is higher, but at the same time it is injected in a much lighter way. The epidural is also performed by means of a small catheter, which ensures efficacy in all completeness, since the effects allow to prevent and alleviate pain both before and after childbirth, in order to live pregnancy and childbirth in total serenity .

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